The announcement that Yottaa, a company that is a leader in website optimisation and performance solutions, is now an official Fastly managed services provider is something that the company is quite pleased of. Yottaa’s departure from the content delivery network industry is symbolised by this expanded partnership with Fastly, a global leader in periphery cloud platforms. In addition, it reinforces Yottaa’s dedication to offering customers solutions that are unparalleled in terms of security and performance by integrating the Fastly Edge Cloud Platform with cutting-edge browser and edge technologies.

This expanded partnership will now include Fastly’s advanced offerings like the Next-Generation Web Application Firewall (WAF), Image Optimization, and Compute services, building on over seven years of utilizing Fastly’s robust Content Delivery Network (CDN). 

According to Mike Dickerson, the Chief Executive Officer of Yottaa mentioned that they are sending a clear statement to the market that Yottaa is dedicated to offering the greatest website performance and security for ther customers. Through the utilisation of Fastly’s highly effective Edge Cloud Platform, they are able to concentrate on what they are most skilled at, which is developing within the browser and at the edge.

While Yottaa is in the process of transitioning out of the content delivery network (CDN) business, the company has not wavered in its commitment to provide superior managed services that make use of the strong capabilities of Fastly’s Edge Cloud Platform. Yottaa is able to provide seamless integration and management across a variety of cloud providers and networks because it makes use of the sophisticated security features and edge computing capabilities offered by Fastly. The software developed by Yottaa will continue to zero in on digital performance monitoring and site speed optimisation, with the goal of increasing conversion rates through the implementation of cutting-edge client-side and edge computing technologies. Customers of Yottaa will continue to reap the benefits of the company’s superior knowledge as well as the modern, high-performance, and secure network provided by Fastly.

The decision to enhance website performance and security for consumers was the driving force behind Yottaa’s strategic expansion of its collaboration. As the transition from our former content delivery network (CDN) supplier to Fastly was undertaken, exceptional support and expert advice were provided by the Yottaa and Fastly team. “The Yottaa team made the transition easy for us,” said Mike Hoefer, Director of Web Product & Strategy at King Arthur Baking Company, noting the company’s complex footprint across multiple environments and locations. An increase in site speed by 250 milliseconds and a 13% improvement in Time to First Bite metrics were observed, alongside enhanced overall security posture. By leveraging Fastly’s Edge Cloud Platform, Yottaa ensures faster load times, enhanced user experiences, and stronger security measures without compromising the company’s core competencies.

Todd Nightingale, CEO of Fastly, expressed pride in supporting Yottaa’s solutions on the Fastly Edge Platform. He noted the deep alignment between Yottaa’s goal to “Enhance the eCommerce Shopper Experience” and Fastly’s commitment to “Improving the Internet.” Yottaa now benefits from Fastly’s advanced compute, security, and delivery services.

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