The acquisition integrates Adtriba’s sophisticated machine-learning measurement tools, which are tailored to the needs of companies such as Sony and Adidas, with Funnel’s expertise in data collection and analysis.

Funnel, the marketing intelligence platform, has announced the acquisition of Adtriba, a marketing measurement company. The acquisition broadens and improves Funnel’s product line by leveraging its central Data Hub and visualisation capabilities to provide more sophisticated marketing analytics and Unified Marketing Measurement (UMM). The acquisition solidifies Funnel’s status as a global leader in marketing intelligence, with the company generating over $50 million in Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR).

This acquisition enhances the sophistication of Funnel’s marketing insights at a time when the collection, analysis, and measurement of marketing data from online and offline channels are becoming more complex. A market-first integrated measurement technology, based on Adtriba’s capabilities, will be provided to Funnel’s thousands of customers within a single, unified platform.

Numerous aspects of advertising campaign efficacy are intangible and unquantifiable to the marketers who develop them, despite the fact that marketing is frequently a company’s largest investment. Through an AI-powered model that triangulates marketing mix modelling (MMM), multi-touch attribution (MTA), and incrementality testing methodologies, Funnel and Adtriba’s combined solution accurately identifies the impact of budgetary spend and campaign ROI, collaborating with Adidas, Sony, FlixBus, and Samsung.

The marketing attribution software market was valued at $3.1 billion in 2021, due to the growth of online marketing channels and the emergence of emerging technologies such as cloud computing and AI-powered solutions. The market is projected to grow to $12.9 billion by 2031, with an impressive compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 15.5% from 2022 to 2031.

Founded in Stockholm in 2014, Funnel has grown to over 300 employees and is trusted by globally recognized brands like Uber and Home Depot, as well as by agency clients in both B2B and B2C sectors, including Publicis and Havas. Funnel’s Data Hub compiles and displays data from all marketing channels, including LinkedIn, Google Ads, Salesforce, and Facebook Ads, in user-friendly interfaces to assist companies in the collection, reporting, and exporting of information.

Headquartered in Hamburg, Adtriba has grown to 18 employees since its inception in 2015, with clients like Montblanc and FlixBus utilizing its data-driven marketing measurement solutions. Funnel’s platform will shortly be fully integrated with Adtriba’s software, resulting in a comprehensive marketing intelligence system that integrates incrementality testing, MMM, and MTA methodologies. This integration will accurately measure marketing activities, particularly in the upper funnel, supporting businesses as they adopt holistic full-funnel approaches.

Companies have struggled with measurement due to its complexity, cost, and lack of real-time updates. Challenges include third-party cookie limitations, privacy issues on iOS and Android, and reliance on last-click monitoring. Adtriba’s machine-learning measurement technology, integrated into Funnel’s platform, removes these barriers, offering quicker, affordable, and accurate results, previously accessible only to larger enterprises.

Funnel’s acquisition of Adtriba, following years of cooperation, aims to deliver a robust solution for current and future customers. Adtriba’s team will join Funnel, retaining their Hamburg office, while marketing and sales teams unify. The integration will enhance Funnel’s Marketing Intelligence platform, offering expanded marketing budget options and a more integrated solution.

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