A notable transformation is occurring in the manner in which users of Microsoft Teams engage in communication. Clerk Chat, a preeminent conversational messaging platform, is actively embracing this technological progress. Clerk Chat facilitates the seamless incorporation of SMS and WhatsApp messaging within Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams is a preeminent unified communications and collaboration platform, boasting a user base of more than 271 million. It operates as a virtual workstation and excels as a UCaaS platform, particularly for remote work, and is utilised daily by over 15 million organisations. The platform provides an extensive range of calling and productivity functionalities, encompassing real-time document sharing, messaging, audio/video calls, and virtual meetings.

Microsoft Teams does not, however, offer a native SMS texting solution; as a result, many organisations that are migrating from VoIP providers such as RingCentral, 8×8, Zoom Phone, and Dialpad are left with their hands bound when attempting to send and receive texts.

Furthermore, the seamless integration of Clerk Chat with Teams enables users to conduct phone calls and send SMS messages to individuals external to their organisation, including clients and customers, utilising their current business phone number.

No longer is it necessary to select multiple providers for messaging and calling; Clerk Chat enables seamless communication services through its Operator Connect partnership with Tier1 telecom providers. By utilising Bandwidth, the primary carrier for Microsoft Teams calling, Clerk Chat’s solution enables users to circumvent protracted and untidy porting procedures. In truth, customers are permitted to transfer their current Teams phone numbers without any interruption to the calling experience.

By integrating messaging capabilities for Microsoft’s telephony customers, organisations can access the most widely used communication platforms, namely WhatsApp and SMS. With the SOC2 Type2 certification of Clerk Chat, organisations have the ability to oversee voice or text-based customer service, confirm appointments, and schedule automated messages – all while maintaining compliance.

Clerk Chat appears to be effortlessly constructing the future of communication from the outside. Igor Boshoer, chief technical officer and co-founder of Clerk Chat, stated that the company enables businesses to communicate with their consumers via their preferred channels via a multi-channel approach that Clerk Chat facilitates. By incorporating the telecommunications component with Operator Connect, we can ensure adherence to the highest compliance standards and bolster the security of the messages. This represents an exceptionally refined approach to facilitating access to those channels for the enterprises involved.

By incorporating Clerk Chat into Microsoft Teams for SMS and voice, communication is optimised, time is conserved, and channel-switching is eliminated. Furthermore, organisations can streamline PSTN integration directly in Teams with Operator Connect, a connectivity revolution that streamlines the process. In doing so, they gain access to the secure products and services, technical expertise, and dependable infrastructure of Clerk Chat, all while continuing to benefit from the software support capabilities of Microsoft.

Assistant Founder and Vice President of Engineering Will Chertoff stated, “As an organisation, we are sincerely committed to establishing a precedent for secure digital environments.” Ensuring businesses have the confidence and trust in a reputable messaging provider regarding their sensitive data is of the utmost importance.

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