By introducing first-to-market testing capabilities for its identity platform, Yahoo Identity Solutions, directly in the Yahoo DSP, Yahoo enables greater accountability and comprehension regarding the performance of campaigns in a world without cookies.

This action enables advertisers to acquire significant media insights and positions their organisations to effectively optimise and assess campaigns in light of the impending deprecation of third-party cookies.

Advertisers now have the ability to conveniently evaluate the future-proofing of their campaigns by simulating an environment within the Yahoo DSP, which is accessible across all web browsers and in-app inventory.

In order to determine how Yahoo Identity Solutions can assist with programmatic media, the test permits advertisers to delete cookies applied to all identity-related use cases, including targeting, conversion attribution, frequency limiting, and reach metrics.

An advertiser may conduct a straightforward A/B test by comparing a control line, which is executed on the current state of web and in-app inventory and includes all third-party cookies and identifiers, to a test line, which operates in the same environments but excludes third-party cookies and device IDs.

The test line utilises Yahoo Identity Solutions for the purposes of targeting and purchasing. Through the comparison of control and test campaigns, advertisers can gain a more comprehensive understanding of forthcoming advertising trends, which can lead to the optimisation of campaigns and an overall improvement in outcomes. A variety of audiences, including demographic, income, interest, lookalike, and predictive, can be utilised for identity testing.

By testing the functionalities, Klick Health becomes the pioneering life sciences agency to promote greater accountability and comprehension regarding the performance of their campaigns in a world without cookies.

“We maintain our commitment to working in partnership with Yahoo and other organisations that offer sophisticated identity solutions and have the capacity to execute campaigns that simulate a future devoid of cookies.” Mentioned Vice President of Programmatic at Click Health.

Elizabeth Herbst-Brady, Yahoo’s chief revenue officer, stated, “As cookie deprecation approaches rapidly, advertisers seek precise and uncomplicated testing solutions that do not require them to modify their purchasing practices or introduce friction into their campaigns.”

Across all digital environments, Yahoo employs an integrated identity strategy. Hosting both addressable and non-addressable inventory is the responsibility of Yahoo Identity Solutions, which consists of Yahoo ConnectID and Next-Gen Solutions.

Supporting nearly two hundred million authenticated users in the United States at present, Yahoo ConnectID for addressable inventory is powered by consent-based, first-party, and partner data from Yahoo. Influencing relevance and reach in unaddressable environments, Next-Gen Solutions is an identity solution powered by artificial intelligence that utilises Yahoo ConnectID users as a panel audience.

By facilitating advertisers in achieving their business goals and fostering an environment that prioritises privacy, Yahoo will persist in its commitment to advancing the future of identity. In order to foster a comprehensive approach and achieve favourable outcomes for its clients, Yahoo will implement industry solutions in conjunction with Yahoo Identity Solutions.

Google Privacy Sandbox APIs, which provide supplementary signals for advertisers to engage with their consumers on Chrome in the transition away from third-party cookies, will be available for testing by Yahoo advertisers.

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