The most recent release of the platform improves both asynchronous and worldwide recruitment capabilities, as well as makes the research process more streamlined.

The most recent iteration of Discuss’s People Experience Platform is bringing about a sea change in the way qualitative research is conducted. Discuss is the leading platform for turning experiences into insights. 

New features such as generative AI-powered research summaries, improved asynchronous research tools, and an expanded network for global recruitment eliminate the lengthy, winding road to insights and provide customers with a direct route to faster insights.

After introducing the first generative AI suite, Genie, for qualitative research, dozens of Discuss customers rapidly adopted Genie Summaries after experiencing the value of instant recaps of live sessions and summaries across entire research projects. After thousands of summaries and customer feedback that helped enhance Genie summaries, it is now officially out of beta and available to all customers, both new and existing. It is a paradigm shift in how researchers navigate unstructured feedback, enabling users to convert hours of video into a final report within minutes.

Susan Sweet, Chief Insight Officer at Sweet Insight Group, used Genie for an online focus group assignment, and when she received the summary, she had one of those “wow” moments, as she could see how the AI had picked up on sentiment conveyed throughout the longer conversation. “I’m most excited about the time savings, as well as the fact that it reduces my own reliance on ’emotional recollection,’ and I believe it would also be immensely useful for exploratory, in-depth interviews.”

Discuss has also increased its asynchronous research tools and services, making it simpler and more effective for the company to communicate with users from all over the world. In-home usage testing, shop-alongs, and unboxing events are just some of the types of research that can benefit from these advances, which also help clients optimize other types of research. Discuss is able to simplify the recruitment of responders for these asynchronous projects as it continues to grow its global network of online panels and agency partners.

This most recent release exemplifies the Discuss team’s genuine obsession with resolving the most difficult qualitative research client challenges at a world-class rate of innovation. Discuss’s SVP of Product & Marketing, Adam Mertz, stated that they are delighted to continue pushing the boundaries and leading the market by providing their customers with a qualitative research platform that grows more robust almost every week. The feedback from our customers and industry experts regarding the value of these new capabilities and their enthusiasm for how rapidly Discuss implemented them has been extraordinary.

This focus on innovation and customer success, along with a unique unlimited research business model that removes the historical barriers to scaling qual research, has resulted in industry recognition for Discuss this year, including being named a Strong Performer by Forrester in their Experience Research Platforms Wave and receiving G2 leader recognition. Discuss was also a 2022 and 2023 APPEALIE SaaS Award recipient in the Analytics and Business Intelligence category.

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