Xsolla, a global video game commerce company, is pleased to announce its collaboration with GameAnalytics, the industry’s preeminent analytics platform. Through the integration of Xsolla’s Web Shop onto the GameAnalytics platform, our collaboration ushers in a new age of in-game revenue creation that has never been seen before.

With the launch of a cutting-edge proof of concept that centers on the Xsolla Web Shop, the effort wants to provide game developers with cutting-edge capabilities for conducting direct-to-consumer transactions.

The partnership with GameAnalytics has a worldwide influence that is profoundly transformative for developers. Berkley Egenes, Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Growth Officer of Xsolla, asserts that the amalgamation of the company’s all-encompassing sales solutions and GameAnalytics’ solid data analysis tools provides an unprecedented opportunity for developers to directly understand and engage their intended demographic.

This facilitates developers in optimizing their revenue potential while simultaneously enhancing the gaming experience for players through the maintenance of their preferred titles’ success.

Game creators integrate GameAnalytics into their games in order to obtain access to vital data and reveal important information regarding the effectiveness of their games. This includes monetization and engagement statistics, among other things.

This helps them to comprehend the spending habits of gamers, optimize their revenue streams, and maximize their earning potential, among other benefits. Moreover, this maximizes their earning potential.

GameAnalytics COO Allison Bilas mentioned that they are thrilled to begin this collaboration with Xsolla, a company that shares their dedication to empowering game developers. The integration of Xsolla’s Web Shop into their analytics platform provides developers with additional opportunities to enhance the monetization of their games.

The objective of this partnership is to furnish developers with actionable insights that will empower them to create immersive experiences for gamers, all the while maximizing their revenue streams. This serves as evidence of our collective objective to foster the development and prosperity of the gaming community.

There are tens of thousands of platforms, publishers, developers, and companies that are Xsolla’s collaboration partners. Some of these entities include Wizards of the Coast, Sega, Take Two, SciPlay, and Miniclip. There is no doubt that Xsolla is an essential player in the gaming business. When acting in its capacity as merchant of record, Xsolla takes on the responsibility of managing the operational complications and hazards that are inherent with direct-to-consumer video game sales.

In order to accomplish this, the corporation must contend with a number of challenges, such as chargebacks, fraud, taxation, and compliance regulation. Xsolla is able to demonstrate its commitment to the gaming community by permitting direct online sales to consumers. This allows the company to avoid the hefty platform costs that are often connected with traditional app stores.

The recent announcement that Xsolla is the company that operates web stores for forty of the top one hundred mobile games demonstrates that the company has maintained its dedication to innovation and for providing help to mobile game producers. This relationship with GameAnalytics is a significant step forward in the direction of achieving this purpose. It will provide developers with cutting-edge tools that will enable them to proficiently analyze, comprehend, and financially support their games.

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