Composable CDP GrowthLoop has introduced a variety of Google Cloud-based product enhancements facilitated by generative AI. GrowthLoop, whose leading composable customer data platform (CDP) has assisted marketing teams at companies such as Mercari and Red Sox in resolving customer data bottlenecks, has now set its sights on the next frontier of generation: the generation of audiences, journeys, and creative through the integration of generative AI throughout the campaign design and launch process.

This development follows three GrowthLoop announcements in 2023 that preceded this revolutionary breakthrough:

The introduction of a collaborative solution between BigQuery and Typeface enabled marketers to generate more personalised marketing content at scale across campaigns using generative AI.

  • To bridge the divide between data teams and business users, they utilise GrowthLoop Marve and Google Cloud’s Vertex AI to generate audiences from natural language on top of their Google BigQuery-based composable customer data platform (CDP).
  • Facilitate a rapid introduction to a composable CDP with the introduction of Easy Button with Google Cloud, which is enabled by GrowthLoop and the Google Cloud Cortex Framework.

GrowthLoop’s introduction of generative AI into an end-to-end marketing solution signifies the emergence of an altogether new market segment: generative marketing.

Generative marketing entails the utilisation of Google Cloud’s cutting-edge AI technology by GrowthLoop to generate, activate, and assess effective audiences, campaigns, and journeys. This is made possible by a composable CDP built upon BigQuery. A cycle has always been the foundation of modern, effective marketing: construct a campaign based on insights, test, evaluate results, iterate, and test once more. With the assistance of generative AI, generative marketing provides marketers with opportunities that were previously unavailable.

Generative AI is only applicable to enterprise marketing when it is infused with consumer data and governance and review functionalities—which ensure the user is always informed—are prioritised. GrowthLoop is collaborating with Google Cloud to implement its generative marketing functionalities on BigQuery. This enables a direct connection with a company’s customer data via zero-copy architecture, thereby enhancing the marketing organization’s utilisation of this data. All while ensuring security, governance, and human involvement remain intact.

The integration of generative AI into marketing workflows can yield significant advantages for teams, including heightened efficiency, improved personalization, scalable content generation, and a reorientation towards experimentation propelled by growth.

The solution significantly enhances the workflows of marketers in GrowthLoop by introducing several novel functionalities:

  • Audience Studio 
  • Generative Content
  • Omnichannel Journeys 
  • Automated Learning and Optimization 

The growth loop platform enables CMOs to establish their first-party data cloud strategy on Google Cloud with the full capabilities of a CDP and the advantages of built-in cloud analytics and data science. Yasmeen Ahmad, Managing Director of Data Analytics Product Activation at Google Cloud mentioned that many data-driven CMOs she has encountered have found that those who are betting on the cloud are almost always the first to deliver business value from the generative AI innovations that are currently taking place. 

“At this time, marketers are dissatisfied because technological constraints prevent them from implementing even one of their one hundred creative ideas simultaneously.” It is our conviction that Generative Marketing will bring about a paradigm shift in the manner in which marketers conduct consumer segmentation, personalise content, coordinate cross-channel experiences, and evaluate outcomes said Chris Sell is the Co-CEO and Co-Founder of GrowthLoop.

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