Click-To-WhatsApp Ads Manager is a full-funnel tool that enables brands to leverage the potential of CTWA. The primary objective of this launch is to enable brands to collect actionable performance insights through precise attribution while managing every aspect of the process with a single, all-encompassing, user-friendly tool. This announcement is the first of its kind and represents a major advancement in contemporary conversational advertising.

The tool permits precise attribution at granularity levels including campaign, ad group, and individual ad. It offers a comprehensive analysis of campaign efficacy and return on advertising spend (ROAS). It aggregates data from both Meta Ads Manager and the conversational platform of Gupshup to provide actionable insights.

The optimization module employs these insights to improve performance via A/B testing of ad allocations, ad content, bot journeys, remarketing campaign rules, and other variables. It employs Generative AI to suggest or even make alterations to ad creatives. In order to enhance ad targeting, the last-click data can also be sent back to Meta via its conversions API.

With conversational advertising’s built-in end-to-end automation, brands can swiftly and easily set up conversational journeys and link them to campaigns, ad groups, or individual ads. Brands are able to collect first-party data because qualified leads automatically migrate into a customer data platform along with conversation history and related meta-data.

Advertisers can set up remarketing campaigns triggered by time, an event, or manually, and attach them to particular campaigns. Qualified prospects can be given the option to transact and pay immediately or be optionally redirected to a chatbot or human agent to drive conversion immediately or in the future. All data is accessible via real-time reports that provide an all-encompassing view of the ad journey, including ad spend, ad impressions, interactions, conversions, chat analysis, and campaign performance.

The benefits of this instrument for brands are immense. It increases the overall conversion rate by remarketing to non-converting users in the future. This is due to the fact that the data of every user who clicks on a Click to Whatsapp advertisement is collected and uploaded to its first-party database with zero drop-offs. Along with the rest of Gupshup’s engagement platform, the new utility provides brands with a single, unified, all-encompassing platform to manage every aspect of conversational engagement.

“Click-to-WhatsApp is the future of digital advertising. Gupshup is ecstatic to lead the way in assisting brands to leverage the incredible power of Ads that Click to WhatsApp to generate a significantly higher Return On Ad Spend while simultaneously developing a first-party database. Beerud Sheth, co-founder and CEO of Gupshup, stated, “We have received exceptional feedback from our beta consumers and partners, and are now making it available to all brands, agencies, and partners worldwide.”

This tool is made available by Gupshup not only to the brands themselves, but also to advertising agencies, independent software vendors, resellers, and other distribution partners. Gupshup works with tens of thousands of Whatsapp ecosystem partners and has the intention of empowering them with this new technology through its collaboration with those partners.

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