Today, Lightup, the creators of a modern no-code data quality monitoring platform, announced that it has closed $9 million in Series A funding to further enable organizations to democratize data quality reviews for complete enterprise operations coverage. Andreessen Horowitz and Newland Ventures led the round, with Spectrum 28 Capital, Shasta Ventures, Vela Partners, and Incubate Fund also participating. Lightup will use the infusion of capital to improve its core technology, expand its team to capitalize on global opportunities, and broaden its partner ecosystem to serve a larger customer base.

Maintaining high data quality is a persistent challenge for data-driven businesses, reducing operational efficiency and preventing them from making timely, informed decisions based on trusted, accurate data. Traditional approaches to data quality reviews are resource-intensive and time-consuming, requiring a high level of technical specialization and lengthy development cycles. Lightup’s mission is to simplify and democratize data quality assessments for business users, data engineers, and data management teams by providing the only no-code, outside the box data monitoring platform with time-bound pushdown queries and AI-powered anomaly detection.

Martin Casado, General Partner at Andreessen Horowitz, stated, “We believe they have demonstrated an unrivaled level of technical expertise, allowing them to address challenges of scope and complexity like no one else in their category.”

Lightup is committed to assisting businesses in overcoming the most difficult data quality challenges, such as scaling checks across petabytes of operational data and detecting silent data outages, data drift, and broken data in otherwise excellent data pipelines. Lightup features incident alerts, failed records for root cause analysis, dashboards for data quality insights, and integrations with third-party IT ticketing systems, alerting tools, and data catalogs to support end-to-end data operations. Lightup is a portable application with a robust data architecture that can be deployed in any cloud/multi-cloud, hybrid, or on-premises setting.

Lightup has garnered significant market traction, as evidenced by its nearly fivefold increase in annual recurring revenue year over year. McDonald’s, Gap Inc., and Skechers, to name a few Fortune 500 companies, have adopted Lightup’s technology at a rapid rate, demonstrating the efficacy of its technology and the value it provides to consumers. 

According to Manish Agarwal, Vice President, Data & Analytics at Skechers, one of the company’s top priorities is to promptly provide business consumers and decision-makers with accurate data and insights. He mentioned that they have been able to successfully scale their data quality and availability due to Lightup’s AI-based data monitoring. 

Manu Bansal, CEO and co-founder of Lightup, stated, “Our Series A funding is an enormous validation that we are achieving our mission of assuring the accuracy, reliability, and quality of our customers’ data at scale.” He also mentioned that they are pleased with the support from Andreessen Horowitz, Newland Ventures, and their other investors worldwide. The funding will also accelerate and expand their creation and distribution of even greater abilities  in the Lightup platform to streamline data quality procedures and boost time-to-insight at 10x the speed of traditional tools, democratizing checks for data quality across all global vertical markets.

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