GumGum, the preeminent global digital advertising platform that prioritizes context, today announced the launches of Hang Time in Germany, the Netherlands, and Belgium. Hang Time is an attention-based mobile ad format that, in a digital campaign for the international pizza brand Domino’s last year, generated a 135% return on advertising spend (ROAS).

Hang Time is an integrated, full-screen advertisement format that appears in the center of an article and supports 9:16 video with a 1000-pixel footprint. By virtue of an interactive scrolling timeline, the format appears to “hang” as it progresses across the page, keeping it visible for a longer duration than alternative full-page units. This canvas provides interactive creatives with an expansive narrative timeline in which to produce content that is both captivating and influential.

Although the majority of mobile reveal formats commence from the bottom of the creative, Hang Time commences from the top, enabling a more organic and sequential progression of creative narratives. This model of inline advertisement delivery receives an Attention Time rate of 4 seconds, according to research, whereas alternative expose units only manage to capture 2.5 seconds of attention.

Frank Sueltmann, managing director, Northern Europe at GumGum, explains, “Advertisers in Europe are pressing for high impact formats that can captivate audiences and help brands stand out in an increasingly crowded and distracted digital ecosystem.” “Because it provides advertisers with a canvas for increased user engagement and creativity, Hang Time is the ideal advertising format for the Attention Age, which ultimately results in improved brand outcomes.”

GumGum acquired the global attention-based advertising platform Playground xyz in 2021, from which Hang Time was derived. In the United Kingdom, where it is already available, the format has become one of GumGum’s most popular advertising products.

When incorporated into The Mindset Platform, GumGum’s solution for the future of digital advertising in a world without cookies, Hang Time demonstrates exceptional efficacy. The Mindset Platform integrates the capabilities of Verity™, an advanced cookieless contextual targeting platform developed by GumGum, which is known for its high impact media products, and Attention Intelligence Platform (AIP), an attention measurement and optimization solution offered by Playground xyz.

By combining context, attention, and creativity, advertisers can connect with consumers who are precisely attuned to the intended message. This results in increased attention, improved outcomes, and a greater return on investment.Domino’s, a multinational pizza chain, utilized Hang Time and The Mindset Platform for its “50% off” pizza campaign in the United Kingdom last year. Domino’s desired to achieve maximum penetration in a congested and competitive environment where third-party cookies still decline in value. The brand was cognizant of the potential significance of cookieless contextual targeting and high-impact ad formats. However, their objective was also to investigate the potential of attention signals in order to enhance their strategy and guarantee maximum consumer awareness.

Domino’s effectively utilized The Mindset Platform to optimize the dissemination of advertisements to contextual categories characterized by the highest levels of attention. This enabled the brand to connect with its most engaged target demographics and achieve optimal return on investment. The campaign generated an increase in CTR by 40% and a return on assets of 135% with Hang Time. In 2023, it was honored with the Game-Changing Technology award at The Drum Awards for Digital Advertising.

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