Instacart and PubMatic, an independent technology company that provides the future supply chain for digital advertising, have formed a new partnership in which PubMatic’s Convert will deliver a privacy-compliant, scalable, and effective programmatic advertising solution by leveraging Instacart’s first-party retail media data. To increase their advertising return on investment, Mars will be among the first brands to activate Instacart’s retail media data with PubMatic via deal ID for CTV and premium video campaigns.

Tim Castelli, vice president of global advertising sales at Instacart mentioned that advertisers are currently seeking novel ways to effectively target and measure their campaigns in the face of signal loss and Instacart’s retail media data is acknowledged by brands as a performant and valuable solution. By utilizing Instacart Ads on our platform, CPGs have the ability to engage with consumers effectively during the time of order. Our platform offers reliable closed-loop measurement and access to our extensive first-party retail media data off-platform, which can be utilized to enhance and fuel other ad purchases, such as premium video and CTV.

PubMatic intends to utilize the retail media data provided by Instacart for the purpose of curating inventory for authorized advertisers. Through the utilization of a solitary, closed-loop data set, PubMatic will enable precise quantification of the return on advertising expenditure (ROAS) and the effect of these campaigns on sales on Instacart. Brands will have the capability to develop, refine, and monitor campaigns with the assistance of PubMatic’s Activate, which is designed to achieve particular marketing goals including heightened awareness, consideration, and sales.

Jessica Brown, Managing Director of Digital Investment at GroupM mentioned that Instacart is a strategic retail partner for their clients, providing advertisers with valuable audience exposure and digital platforms that deliver delightful commerce experiences for consumers. They are thrilled to expand their longstanding partnership with PubMatic by becoming one of the first agencies to activate dynamic audience segments across PubMatic’s premium inventory in a seamless manner, allowing their advertisers to optimize the real-time impact of their campaigns.

Mars Senior Director of Global Media Ron Amram stated, “We are thrilled to collaborate with PubMatic and Instacart to leverage this valuable retail media data across our programmatic campaigns in order to optimize performance and increase return on investment.” “By leveraging Instacart’s comprehensive digital retail media data across all platforms, we can increase brand awareness and motivate a greater number of consumers to make in-store or online purchases of our products.”

The partnership between PubMatic and Instacart is timed to complement the organization’s recent growth in commerce media solutions. PubMatic introduced Convert in 2023 with the objective of providing commerce media networks with a unified, self-service platform that streamlines the intricate and dispersed commerce media marketplace. Convert now enables seamless audience extension, which, in conjunction with onsite monetization and support for sponsored product listings, unifies multiple channels with rapid growth for a commerce media network. Advertisers and commerce companies can now upload, share, execute, and measure onsite and offshore full-funnel campaigns in a secure and efficient manner using a single platform.

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