The marketing prowess of a technology pioneer is demonstrated by an AI-enabled marketing strategy.

Kiteworks, a provider of data privacy and compliance for sensitive information via its Private Content Network, announced that its marketing department is utilizing generative artificial intelligence (AI) for various purposes to accelerate go-to-market programs, create enhanced interactions with prospects and customers, and maximize operational efficiencies. 

These innovations in generative AI enabled Kiteworks to increase content production by more than 12 times, doubling its inbound SEO traffic in less than four months, reset sales development representatives on prospect-facing activities rather than spending hours in sales enablement training, and lay the groundwork for a more than 500% reduction in the time required to localize its entire website in German and French.

Despite the enormous amount of hype surrounding AI since OpenAI’s much-publicized ChatGPT announcement last November, a recent study found that less than half of business executives are investing in generative AI, and of those, only a small amount have moved beyond the exploratory phase. Kiteworks, on the other hand, was a pioneer in identifying marketing applications for generative AI and almost immediately saw measurable results.

Among the most prominent use cases are:

Product Marketing 

Using ChatGPT4, Kiteworks’ Product Marketing team has increased its rate of content creation from concept to delivery. On the Kiteworks website, prospects and customers leverage assets directly, as do the sales and customer success organizations when interacting with prospects and customers.

Sales Enablement

A ChatGPT4 chatbot was trained on Kiteworks content that enables sales development representatives (SDRs) to personalize conversations with prospects and customers and generate real-time responses to prospect and customer questions about Kiteworks capabilities and third-party software integrations.

Ask-Me-Anything Two ChatGPT4

Enabled chatbots were trained on Kiteworks content for use in real-time, personalized conversations with prospects. For security-related discussions and inquiries, prospects can converse with Stu the Security Squirrel, while for compliance-related discussions and inquiries, they can converse with Calvin the Compliance Cow.

Organic Intent-based Search

In late 2022, Kiteworks began utilizing Quattr, a data-driven and AI-enabled SEO platform, to develop intent-based content that doubled inbound organic search traffic by more than 12-fold accelerating content generation. 

Streamlined Localization of Web Content: 

Traditional methods for localizing website content can be laborious, expensive, and time-consuming. Kiteworks has created a translation application programming interface (API) enabled by ChatGPT4 that enables the marketing team to translate and publish specific webpages in other languages quickly and effortlessly. This will allow Kiteworks to update and align its German and French websites with its English website in a matter of weeks, as opposed to months if the conventional localization method is utilized.

Multimedia to Social Media 

By ingesting new blog posts, solution briefs, and other content assets into an AI-enabled tool that automatically generates videos for social media posts and captions for Kitecast (podcast) episodes and other videos, Kiteworks drastically reduced the time and cost required to create videos based on these assets.

These and other generative AI use cases are at the heart of Kiteworks’ marketing strategy, allowing for marketing at scale, unparalleled efficiency, and significantly increased brand awareness and engagement.

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