Opendatasoft, a global champion in the democratization of data, has introduced its innovative new data lineage function. It allows for the analysis, control, and monitoring of data flows from beginning to end.

It provides greater visibility into data flows by providing detailed analysis of how and where data is being utilized, enabling organizations to improve data governance and accelerate data democratization strategies.

Today’s organizations recognize the significance of data exchange, both internally and externally in order to increase efficiency, boost performance, and stimulate innovation. However, they lack the tools to manage and report on where data is being reused, which increases burdens and complicates decision-making.

In answer to the problems associated with data governance, Opendatasoft developed the particular data lineage functionality that it offers. In addition to being easy to use, it offers extensive information on the repurposing of data as well as the linkages that exist between particular datasets.

Within the back office of the data portal, the data lineage feature traces data flows from beginning to finish, hence offering a comprehensive dashboard of data utilization. This makes it possible for businesses to enhance the governance and quality of their data, gain a better understanding of the requirements of their users, and report on the value and return on investment of the data portals they operate.

The new data lineage function of the Opendatasoft platform, which is accessible to all customers through the back office of the software, offers the following benefits:

A comprehensive mapping of the data flows:

  • It provides actionable information on the origin and internal and external reuses of the content. 
  • Visualizing the route that the dataset takes from the time it is created until it reaches its final destination

A comprehensive display of each data reuse:

  • Providing automated analysis and administration of the data portal’s dynamics
  • Monitoring key performance indicators including the number of reuses, the status of relationships, interdependencies with other portals, and the most and least utilized datasets.

Opendatasoft’s mission is to assist clients in maximizing the value of their data. Because of this, we are constantly innovating to provide the most effective tools on the market and to assist our clients in developing effective data democratization strategies. Opendatasoft’s President and co-founder, Jean-Marc Lazard, stated that the company’s innovative new data provenance feature enables customers to trace data usage and provides them with the data necessary to analyze and accelerate their data-sharing strategies.

One of the challenges that can arise when working with open data is a lack of comprehension on the part of data publishers regarding the uses to which open data is being put. This new data lineage capability provides extra insight into the maps and charts that users have generated while retaining user anonymity, which we would not have known about if it were not for the fact that Opendatasoft already facilitates the submission of reuses. Despite the fact that Opendatasoft already facilitates the submission of reuses. According to Yiu-Shing Pang, who is the Open Data Manager for UK Power Networks, this increases the value of open data. 

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