Intel and Lenovo recently made public their formation of a global strategic alliance. With the intent of accelerating the digital transformation of organisations of all sizes and scopes, the agreement seeks to deliver fully integrated infrastructure and networking solutions. The two organisations have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to devise design, engineering, and implementation strategies in concert with the intention of expediting digital transformation through turnkey solutions that extend purpose-built artificial intelligence infrastructure solutions and world-class networking from the edge to the cloud for clients worldwide.

Chairman of the Lenovo Infrastructure Solutions Group and Executive Vice President of Lenovo Kirk Skaugen remarked, “This new alliance demonstrates our commitment to providing industry-leading, purpose-built solutions.” “The purpose of each of these solutions is to streamline the process of achieving industrial revolution and digital advancements in artificial intelligence.” To propel AI-driven innovation from the edge to the cloud for our clients, we shall provide co-engineered, fully integrated solutions that link, protect, and analyse data in a seamless fashion. 

The MOU signifies the partnership’s dedication to broadening opportunities for entering new markets, which contributes to the advancement of generative AI capabilities and enhanced productivity in the digital workplace. Lenovo and Cisco share the objective of developing a hyper-personalized user experience that streamlines the implementation of transformational digital technologies, reduces time-to-value, and is flexible, cost-effective, and uncomplicated.

The partnership entails the incorporation of the Cisco Nexus networking ecosystem into Lenovo’s edge-to-cloud portfolio with the objective of providing superior network performance, enhanced security, and unmatched scalability. This provides clients with a comprehensive networking solution that is fully integrated and optimised for interoperability with Lenovo infrastructure solutions, thereby establishing the industry’s most robust foundation for performance, dependability, and security. Further advantages accruing to customers encompass:

Achieving operational excellence, AI/ML networking, greater sustainability, and advanced automation analytics practices in order to accelerate time-to-innovation.

Single Pane of Glass Management: enabling clients to configure, operate, and analyse network operations across the entire networking ecosystem through a unified, straightforward interface.

Ensuring customers can purchase a fully engineered infrastructure solution from a single technology provider is the definition of vendor simplicity.

Enhancing Business Outcomes via Accelerated Innovation

In an effort to enhance security and facilitate a streamlined, effective, and improved user experience, Lenovo and Cisco will collaborate to incorporate novel technologies and functionalities into Lenovo Digital Workplace Solutions. The partnership shall unite Cisco’s cutting-edge technology with Lenovo’s Care of One platform, which incorporates a persona-based service engine. Combining the most advantageous aspects of both organisations, these solutions will ensure productivity that is unmatched, regardless of the location of the work.

Turnkey Integrated Solutions

With industry-leading hardware, software, and services, Lenovo offers the most comprehensive AI-enabled portfolio in the industry, spanning from edge to cloud. This enables the company to manage AI workloads of any scale and assist clients throughout their AI journey. Cisco and Lenovo will work together to improve generative AI solutions for enterprise clients in accordance with the MOU. An expanded network of common channel partners, who have undergone training in the combined technology portfolio of both organisations, will serve as a complementary element to the partnership. This will empower clients to expedite their digital transformation with increased adaptability and an expanded array of alternatives. 

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