Through the acquisition of $4.5 million, the pre-series A investment round for Flam, the leading mixed reality (MR) publishing platform, has successfully been completed. The idea of Flam was supported by a number of renowned angel investors and family offices, in addition to investors such as Turbostart, Twin Ventures, and Alphatron Capital. Existing investors such as Inventus Capital Partners of San Francisco, SVQ, and 9Unicorns also made investments in the company. The infusion of finance will make it easier for Flam to expand into key worldwide markets, such as those in North America, Europe, and the Middle East and North Africa region.

Flam, a prominent publisher of mobile-accessible interactive MR material, has the goal of revolutionizing the marketing business with its innovative products and services. The platform has already been employed by a number of notable worldwide businesses and people, including Britannia, Netflix, Wargaming, AJIO, Heeramandi, WPP, and Shashi Tharoor, an Indian politician. Flam’s MR technology transforms traditional forms of advertising, such as print, out-of-home, television, and digital, into experiences that are immersive and engaging for consumers.

Flam’s founder and chief executive officer, Mr. Shourya Agarwal, made the following statement: “Content has been developing over the course of decades and is now moving into MR experiences.” One of the primary goals of our platform is to make MR available to the general public. As a result of the widespread success of Britannia’s television commercial featuring Ranveer Singh, we have received attention from hundreds of firms all around the world. Along the same lines as video advertisements, MR will become an inseparable component of the brand’s marketing efforts all over the world.

The founder of Turbostart, Ganesh Raju, emphasized the distinctive approach that Flam takes, saying, “We haven’t come across any other platform that exposes customers to MR since it is so easy to use.” By making augmented reality (MR) available without the need for headgear, app downloads, or web augmented reality, Flam eliminates friction. It does this by utilizing straightforward links that are inserted anywhere, including on social media platforms, websites, and even offline channels. Imagine a version of YouTube that is dedicated to mixed reality and aids in the dissemination of mixed reality content.

The Founding Partner at Alphatron Capital, Vishwesh Pai, made the following statement regarding the future of the platform: “We’ve noticed enormous interest from companies and delight among consumers for MR, which makes us highly hopeful about the future of this industry.” After having a conversation with Flam, we were immediately aware that we had discovered a component that was lacking in MR’s adoption. How they have solved the problem of the creation and dissemination of MR is extremely noteworthy, in addition to their sophisticated technology.

Flam’s scalable technology serves billions of users and features the most advanced tracking based on artificial intelligence as well as the quickest image identification. All Android and iOS devices will see flawless 3D visuals thanks to this feature. With features like as redirection buttons, user journey tracking, and thorough analytics, marketers may reap the benefits of these tools.

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