A leading global provider of contextual advertising fortifies its CTV offering in response to channel expansion.

The global authority in contextual advertising, Seedtag, has announced the acquisition of Beachfront, a sell-side advertising platform designed specifically for cable television (CTV) and streaming. By seamlessly integrating Beachfront’s cutting-edge technology, exclusive inventory, and proficiency in cost-per-click (CTV) advertising into Seedtag’s pre-existing contextual advertising solutions, clients will be enabled to distribute privacy-conscious, impactful advertisements across various channels.

The declaration comes in the wake of Seedtag’s recent introduction of Contextual TV, an unprecedented product that utilises AI-driven network dynamics, comprehensive consumer insights, and customised creative to empower advertisers in the development of more efficient CTV strategies and the execution of high-performing, privacy-compliant advertising campaigns. Through the integration of contextual data from the open web and CTV signals such as automated content recognition (ACR) and ad exposure data, Seedtag empowers advertisers to effectively target specific audiences, customise creative content, and enhance the overall performance of their campaigns.

By means of the strategic acquisition, Seedtag and Beachfront optimise supply paths by combining their resources and expertise, thereby granting advertisers direct access to premium CTV inventory and providing them with unmatched value. By collaborating with Beachfront, CTV and video publishers will gain improved access to Seedtag’s scaled-demand partnerships and novel, innovative contextual solutions.

Jorge Poyatos, Co-CEO & Co-Founder of Seedtag, stated that with a decade of experience optimising campaign efficacy on the open web through the use of contextual AI, Seedtag is now well-equipped to assist publishers, agencies, and brands in navigating the challenges of CTV advertising. By acquiring Beachfront, they will enhance their distinctive Contextual TV solution through the integration of a native platform into their stack, the addition of supplementary signals to our artificial intelligence, and the expansion of their publisher partnerships. 

According to a projection by eMarketer, CTV advertising expenditures are expected to exceed $30 billion in 2024, an increase of 22.4 percent from the $24.6 billion expended in 2023. Through the integration of Seedtag and Beachfront, advertisers can enhance their understanding of their target audiences across a multitude of devices. Media purchasers will possess the capability to deliver advertisements in CTV that are more relevant and impactful, whereas publishers will be able to capitalise on the unique opportunities presented by ad-supported streaming.

The CTV advertising ecosystem has experienced substantial expansion and evolution in recent times. Chris Maccaro, CEO of Beachfront, remarked that Beachfront has served with pride at the forefront of this industry-wide shift, assisting premium CTV media vendors in maximising revenue and providing exceptional viewer experiences. Beachfront will benefit from Seedtag’s scaled demand partnerships, global presence, and distinctive solutions in contextual advertising, which will help establish Beachfront’s services and generate value for  CTV publisher partners.

As it has been on the open web, novel and inventive approaches to contextualizing CTV programming are being provided by Seedtag. By combining access to direct premium supply with proprietary methods for creating privacy-first audiences, optimizing creative and placements, and offering insightful, action-oriented reporting and measurement, these efforts will be accelerated by the acquisition of Beachfront. This was stated by Brian Danzis, Seedtag’s President of North America.

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