retailcloud, a renowned Inc. 5000 company and a leader in the sports and entertainment industry, has recently launched SuiteSpot, an innovative all-in-one premium seating app. This marks another significant milestone for the company. SuiteSpot enhances the exclusivity and grandeur associated with premium seating through unique services, cutting-edge technology, and an emphasis on customization and efficiency. This results in a more memorable and enjoyable experience for guests.

SuiteSpot empowers suite members by offering pre-ordering capabilities via its unique web solution. Guests can effortlessly place orders in real time during events using retailcloud’s in-house contactless QR code ordering system. Additionally, suite attendees can quickly add, comp, or discount items to their orders, enhancing convenience and satisfaction.

Retailcloud’s Chief Product Officer, Ryan Colaco, highlighted SuiteSpot’s potential within retailcloud’s food and beverage (F&B) offerings for operators. “SuiteSpot addresses the management of suites by operators and the management and placement of pre-orders by visitors,” he explained. The primary value of SuiteSpot lies in its underlying ecosystem, which can be precisely tailored to a venue’s operational requirements. SuiteSpot seamlessly integrates into retailcloud’s expanding F&B product portfolio, resulting in a unified billing and reporting system for pre-order, game-day concessions, and merchandise orders. This integration ensures a stress-free experience for suite owners and their guests, boosting satisfaction and enjoyment.

SuiteSpot streamlines in-suite merchandise purchases by offering easy order placement, in-suite delivery, and order tracking. Guests can indulge in the convenience of having their favorite player’s jersey or other merchandise delivered directly to their suite, ensuring they don’t miss any aspect of the event. Retailcloud’s order routing logic directs fulfillment and inventory management to the appropriate store or warehouse, regardless of where the customer’s order originates.

Maximizing upsell potential

SuiteSpot’s analytics capabilities allow for the creation of cross-product recommendations in-cart, optimizing upsell opportunities and generating additional revenue for venue proprietors and suite owners.

Adam Haker, VP of Sales for Sports & Entertainment at retailcloud, noted, “We are observing a growing trend in the popularity of luxury suites and premium areas in both new and existing venues. These premium supporters expect an exceptional experience, starting with a seamless ordering solution. Our suite platform combines merchandise and food and beverage orders into a single, user-friendly platform. SuiteSpot was developed in response to feedback from our 40+ major league clients, addressing the gaps, concerns, and challenges they face with pre-ordering and game day experiences. SuiteSpot enhances the spectator experience while streamlining internal operations for venues of any size.”

SuiteSpot is a game-changer for any venue offering premium luxury seating, including stadiums, arenas, concert venues, and hospitality suites. The integration of SuiteSpot elevates the guest experience to new heights and sets a new standard for luxury suite offerings in the sports and entertainment industry.

retailcloud: a stadium operator’s omnichannel platform

Retailcloud is an omnichannel commerce platform designed to optimize operations and enhance the consumer experience for stadium operators. The platform rapidly incorporates technology to adapt to changing consumer purchasing habits. Retailcloud’s genuine platform allows operators to use their preferred POS, inventory solution, CRM, eCommerce, or loyalty provider, ensuring seamless integration. This modular suite of offerings connects critical data points, whether using native solutions or preferred third-party applications, providing a cohesive and efficient operational ecosystem.

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