The new offering enables companies to uncover comprehensive customer insights without requiring any data to be removed from the AI Data Cloud.

At the Snowflake Data Cloud Summit 2024, Amplitude, Inc. disclosed the general availability of its Snowflake native offering. This innovative solution allows organisations to leverage Amplitude’s product analytics capabilities without ever necessitating that their data exit Snowflake. This enables the rapid and straightforward understanding of consumer behaviour, the creation of superior products, and the encouragement of growth.

This service enables businesses to optimise their investments by consolidating data in Snowflake. Amplitude’s direct connection eliminates the necessity of storing or copying data to multiple locations, as all queries are executed within Snowflake. Teams are capable of making more informed product decisions while adhering to privacy, security, and compliance regulations when data is reliable, secure, and continually updated. Amplitude and Snowflake’s combined capabilities facilitate the rapid integration of product and consumer insights, thereby facilitating the comprehension of user journeys across all touchpoints.

Chris Child, VP and director of worldwide sales engineering at Snowflake, stated that their objective is to facilitate the rapid and effortless development of the AI Data Cloud for all users, enabling them to make an immediate business impact. Their ongoing investments with Amplitude enables them to achieve this on a larger scale. Amplitude is renowned for its self-service product analytics. Customers can acquire critical behavioural insights and gain a more comprehensive understanding of user behaviour with this new application, all without allowing their data to leave Snowflake.

As an increasing number of organisations pursue Snowflake native analytics, Amplitude is including this feature at no cost in all plans. Every team, from entrepreneurs to the world’s largest enterprise organisations, can initiate operations for free for a maximum of five seats.

He mentioned that he is dedicated to ensuring that Amplitude meets customers at their current data level. Amplitude provides customers with the greatest flexibility and choice in utilising data throughout their digital ecosystem, as it has integrated with more than 130 data sources. Amplitude offers a hybrid option to assist businesses in optimising data access and performance in a manner that is most suitable for their specific requirements, as opposed to other solutions on the market that require customers to select between native or non-native connections.

Francois Ajenstat, Amplitude’s chief product officer, stated, “Our goal is to offer our consumers the greatest degree of flexibility and choice in utilising their data.” “Currently, clients can leverage the capabilities of Snowflake in Amplitude without ever having to transfer their data from Snowflake.” Teams can now concentrate on the most important task: creating exceptional customer experiences that stimulate business development, thanks to the integration of Amplitude and Snowflake.

Product and engineering teams can deliver differentiated products to consumers by developing, scaling, and operating their applications without operational burden by building applications on Snowflake. This also provides builders with access to resources that will assist them in the design, marketing, and operation of their applications in the Data Cloud. To gain a deeper understanding of the methods by which organisations are developing next-generation applications on Snowflake,

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