By providing every team in any company with its own place, Zoho CRM for Everyone makes it possible for them to actively contribute to the growth of their customers and improve their service.

An industry-leading global technology firm, Zoho Corporation, recently presented a preview of Zoho CRM for Everyone, a new set of capabilities that aims to democratise customer relationship management (CRM) for all teams who are involved in customer operations activities. Sales teams, which are the primary custodians of client relationships, are able to communicate and organise numerous customer deliverables from a single location with the help of Zoho CRM for Everyone. Solutions engineering, contract management, sales enablement, client onboarding, and advocacy are all examples of customer deliverables that fall under this category. It is possible that the use of these skills will result in an increase in visibility for all of the stakeholders engaged in the customer journey, a reduction in the amount of time required to finish a transaction, the elimination of coordination gaps, and an improvement in the overall quality of the customer experience.

Constellation Research Vice President and Principal Analyst Liz Miller stated that the modern CRM strategies demand that the entire organisation contribute and orchestrate actions around revenue-driving movements that require visibility and collaboration across teams. Miller was referring to the fact that these motions require visibility and collaboration across teams. The company mentioned that this is the most notable aspect of Zoho’s ambition for CRM for everyone. It is a solution that is in line with the contemporary sales and engagement strategy, which goes beyond the conventional assumption that customer relationship management (CRM) is merely a record or a database, CRM is positioned at the core of the project that is referred to as Revenue. In order to facilitate more profitable relationships with consumers in a seamless manner, it implements a project management approach and networked collaboration in the development of long-lasting client relationships through cross-functional actions.

Mani Vembu, Zoho’s Chief Operating Officer, stated that traditionally, customer relationship management (CRM) systems were designed by IT and tailored for sales workflows. However, access to these systems has been tightly controlled, forcing teams to operate in isolation with limited context. Over a period of time, CRM systems have accumulated a diverse range of customer contexts, which is fundamentally incompatible with delivering an excellent customer experience. Zoho CRM for Everyone breaks down these barriers for the first time, allowing various teams involved in the sales process to engage constructively. This is achieved by reducing CRM complexity also fostering greater involvement.

For instance, Zoho CRM for Everyone makes it possible for account managers to bring in a solutions engineer in order to organise a fantastic product demonstration for a client. It is possible for a professional to monitor the implementation of the onboarding process for each individual customer step by step. It is possible for a marketer to conduct a win-loss analysis for particular offers. The management of advocacy engagements such as case studies can be handled by a community specialist. Within the customer relationship management system (CRM), comprehensive customer context and cross-functional visibility can be utilised to handle all of these various operations. 

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