Shopify brands are now able to maximise their lifetime value and engage their superfans thanks to a new solution.

The customer marketing platform Okendo, which has announced the debut of Okendo Loyalty, is responsible for fostering better relationships between consumers and the companies that they admire. Okendo has become the most prominent customer marketing platform for reviews, referrals, loyalty, quizzes, and surveys, and this news marks the culmination of a series of product launches that have positioned Okendo as the leader in this field.

Through the integration of a user-friendly interface and broad customising features, Okendo reward makes the process of building a reward programme for Shopify brands much simpler. Okendo’s loyalty specialists offer thorough coaching, and all features are available on all plans. This makes it possible for brands to develop a loyalty programme that is tailored particularly to their client base and maximises the lifetime value of their customers. For the purpose of enabling their loyalty solutions, businesses such as Jordan Craig, Luna Bronze, and Dixxon have already chosen Okendo as their preferred platform.

The Okendo platform serves as a strategic solution to address the challenges of increasing customer acquisition costs and escalating ecommerce competition, thereby assisting brands in boosting revenue and enhancing engagement. Superfans, or highly engaged consumers, are essential in this dynamic, as they promote and advocate for their preferred brands in a manner that fosters organic growth and establishes genuine community connections.

Matt Goodman, CEO & Co-Founder of Okendo, stated, “We are of the opinion that the solution to contemporary ecommerce challenges is the development and utilisation of a community of Superfans, or consumers who possess substantial lifetime value and social influence.” “Okendo’s suite of five products, which includes Loyalty, Referrals, Reviews, Quizzes, and Surveys, provides a cohesive platform for the development and mobilisation of Superfans, thereby facilitating the rapid growth of brands and the establishment of long-term sustainability.” Our objective is to assist each Shopify brand in its transition to a marketing business that is driven by its customers.

With the launch of Okendo Loyalty, brands now have the ability to provide customers with a variety of rewards and incentives, thereby transforming customers into powerful growth drivers. This is accomplished through the generation of high-quality reviews, referrals from new customers, and repeat purchases. Additionally, marketers have the ability to collect valuable data and gain access to customer insights, which enables them to personalise their communications and create experiences that are meaningful to their customers. This whole cycle of engagement not only serves to enhance the overall experience of the consumer, but it also serves to push the growth of the brand through genuine interactions with the client.

Rob Varon, Director of Marketing at Jordan Craig mentioned that he had a fantastic experience using all of Okendo’s five products together and the technology is completely functional. With Okendo’s integrated range of products, streamlining workflows is a simple and straightforward process. Okendo is a significant contributor to the puzzle that is e-commerce, which there are many pieces of.

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