Aptoide, the foremost alternative app store, and Magic Tavern, the wildly successful mobile game developer and publisher, today announced a new partnership to integrate Magic Tavern’s games with Catappult, Aptoide’s distribution platform.

By forming this collaboration, Magic Tavern will gain entry to Aptoide’s extensive worldwide network of app stores and gain access to its more than 150 million monthly active users. In turn, Catappult will furnish Magic Tavern with a variety of services that facilitate the expansion of its developers in all significant markets and across the globe.

A partnership with the objective of conquering significant global markets

We are ecstatic to work with Aptoide to expand the reach of our games,” stated Catherine, the platform relationship manager for Magic Tavern. The partnership is founded upon Aptoide’s broad global reach and steadfast dedication to providing users with uncomplicated access to applications and games of the utmost quality. 

Paulo Trezentos, CEO of Aptoide mentioned that they are thrilled to work with Magic Tavern to integrate it with their distribution infrastructure, Catappult. 

Magic Tavern is an industry-leading publisher and developer of mobile games, boasting an extensive collection of exceptionally captivating titles. Both businesses and our users will benefit from our partnership, we believe. Aptoide users will have access to the incredible activities offered by Magic Tavern, while the latter will be granted access to our global user base.

Magic Tavern, a prominent mobile game developer and publisher, has cultivated a reputable standing by crafting and disseminating superior mobile games spanning a diverse array of genres. The developer has amassed a varied collection of games that have received considerable recognition within the mobile gaming community. Magic Tavern’s dedication to providing captivating gaming experiences renders it an ideal complement to Aptoide and its distribution platform, Catappult.

A notable example of Aptoide’s proficiency lies in its strategic alliances, with GamesHub, a recently established milestone being the meticulously curated platform for discovering premium applications developed in conjunction with Digital Turbine. GamesHub aims to achieve widespread availability on 80 to 100 million devices in the United States via carriers including Verizon, USCellular, Tracfone, Cricket, and BLU US by the conclusion of 2023.

A robust framework equipped with essential tools for developers

The extensive developer infrastructure and robust distribution platform of Aptoide can aid Magic Tavern in expanding their business and penetrating international markets, according to Álvaro Pinto, the Chief Operating Officer of Aptoide. He mentioned that their unwavering dedication is to furnishing optimal support to our newly formed partners, encompassing our streamlined integration procedure, formidable promotional capabilities, secure and user-friendly payment system, and industry-leading anti-fraud solutions.

The integration of the AppCoins Wallet, in conjunction with the organization’s superior anti-fraud systems and tax management assistance across various regions, establishes a secure and transparent ecosystem for developers. This empowers them to focus on the development of exceptional games. Support for the AppCoins Wallet provides a number of benefits to developers, including increased monetization, the encouragement of innovation and mutual trust, and, naturally, an enhanced user experience overall.

The partnership between Magic Tavern and Aptoide signifies a strategic convergence with the objective of generating increased value for both organisations while also improving the global mobile gaming experience. 

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