Utilising AI, an industry-leading XDR will accelerate threat detection and response. Trellix, the cybersecurity company delivering the future of extended detection and response (XDR), announced the Amazon Bedrock-based and Trellix Advanced Research Center-supported generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) capabilities. Amazon Bedrock is a fully managed service provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS) that enables the development and scalability of generative AI applications by providing API access to foundation models (FMs) developed by prominent AI companies. Trellix further cements its partnership with AWS and allocates resources towards GenAI in order to deliver expedited threat remediation and enhanced support to its clientele.

It is critical to implement a comprehensive threat detection and response programme in order to mitigate cyber risk. When it comes to identifying and responding to threats, every second counts, and the majority of CISOs grapple with limited resources. Trellix GenAI and Amazon Bedrock will enable SecOps teams to expedite the process of transitioning from detection to investigation to response, thereby enhancing the efficiency of security analysts who are constrained by time.

John Morgan, general manager of XDR at Trellix, states, “As security threats evolve, organisations require innovative solutions to swiftly transition from detection to mitigation, as well as the ability to communicate cyber and business risk in straightforward language.” “Threllix is able to sustain the delivery of revolutionary products to our clientele by utilising AWS in conjunction with GenAI to expedite their cybersecurity endeavours.”

Customers are granted the subsequent advantages: Accelerated Threat Detection and Response: By reducing the signal-to-noise ratio and the time required to respond, AI-guided investigations rapidly assess the risk of cyber detection events.

Enhanced Customer Support: The Trellix customer support chatbot eliminates the need and additional time required to search through product documentation in order to provide responses to nearly any inquiry covered in the Trellix documentation.

Automated Content Development: By collaborating with Trellix Professional Services and capitalising on the extensive ecosystem of the Trellix XDR Platform, the development of custom rules, playbook workflows, and product integrations is accelerated via AI-driven tools that can be tailored to the specific environments of individual clients.

“We collaborated with Trellix to investigate novel approaches to automate investigations,” explains Cyberuptive’s CXO Head of Cybersecurity, Chuck Lerch. “In this innovative endeavour, we integrated the extensive data and investigative playbooks of the Trellix XDR Platform with LLMs operating on AWS in order to conduct thorough evaluations of alerts. The outcomes are illuminating and demonstrate the value of being able to concentrate on security research rather than the operational aspects of a large-scale LLM.

Trellix and AWS both support responsible AI that places a premium on data privacy, enabling users to custom-train AI output while maintaining the confidentiality of data and results. Furthermore, in order to educate and offer input on proposals that govern the responsible utilisation of AI, Trellix actively collaborates with influential organisations such as the World Economic Forum (WEF), Open Worldwide Application Security Project (OWASP), National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee (NSTAC), United Kingdom (UK), European Union (EU), and others. This commitment to ethical AI technology usage is reflected in Trellix’s policy.

Atul Deo, general manager of Amazon Bedrock, AWS, stated, “Amazon Bedrock is designed with privacy and security in mind and enables customers to experiment with a variety of top foundation models (FMs) and customise them confidentially using their proprietary data in a secure and convenient manner.” “Trellix, being an early adopter, incorporated Amazon Bedrock functionalities into its threat detection services in order to assess the gravity of alerts through the evaluation of evidence and the provision of AI-driven recommendations to clients. We eagerly anticipate consumers utilising the capabilities of generative AI to detect and eliminate cybersecurity threats via this integration.

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