Meltwater, a preeminent international provider of intelligence pertaining to media, social issues, and consumers, declared the commencement of a revolutionary partnership with Microsoft today. Microsoft has entered into a global partnership with Meltwater as a provider of consumer, social, and media intelligence.

Subsequently, Microsoft and Meltwater will collaborate to provide an integrated communications insights solution that leverages the capabilities of Meltwater’s preeminent eavesdropping tools in conjunction with Microsoft Teams, Azure, and 365.

By merging user-centric design with Microsoft’s advanced AI services, this solution aims to redefine the customer experience through the transformation of data into dialogue. This transformation will facilitate improved collaboration and enable prompt responses to business-critical news, market shifts, trends, and competitive intelligence. Meltwater additionally reached a multi-year consensus to designate Microsoft Azure as its preferable cloud infrastructure for forthcoming deployments by Microsoft customers.

Organizations require user-friendly solutions that empower them to enhance their productivity, efficiency, and creativity in the age of artificial intelligence. Meltwater is leveraging Microsoft’s industry-leading AI technologies in conjunction with its world-class data set to enable data-driven insights and improve decision making. 

Enterprise users of Copilot for Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams who are also customers of Meltwater will be able to interact conversationally with Meltwater’s global data set via the new solution. This will provide effortless access to real-time insights including sentiment analysis, competitive benchmarking, and brand mentions.

This implies that the appropriate understanding is not merely a request away; rather, it is presented in a user-friendly, readily accessible format that influences strategic decisions and is seamlessly incorporated into Teams. This expands upon the pre-existing integration between Teams and Meltwater, which is presently benefiting over 1500 clients of Teams through the seamless delivery of AI-driven notifications.

“By leveraging the potential of artificial intelligence and Microsoft’s technology infrastructure, we are broadening the scope of our existing integration.” This functionality allows users to interact with Meltwater’s analytics tools through an intuitive dialogue system. They are able to ask questions and gain insights in the same manner as if they were speaking with a colleague who is an expert in data. “We aim to revolutionise the process of obtaining and implementing insights by seamlessly integrating Meltwater’s deep listening capabilities into the daily flow of business communications,” added John Box, CEO of Meltwater.

By forming this partnership, Meltwater expands its operations worldwide to meet the media, social, and consumer intelligence requirements of Microsoft.

This empowers the Microsoft Communications division and its internal stakeholders to obtain up-to-date information that transcends geographical boundaries and teams. “With the help of AI, we intend to reinvent communications.” Our objective was to collaborate with a partner who could assist us in providing more profound insights by leveraging Microsoft’s AI technology in the same environment where our teams execute their tasks utilising Copilot for Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams. Merely delivering real-time and AI-powered predictive insights, Meltwater was the ideal partner to assist us in developing a solution that surpasses retrospective reporting due to their industry-leading technology and user-friendly platform. Steve Clayton, Microsoft’s vice president of communications strategy, stated as much.

Additionally, Meltwater will be showcased in the Azure Marketplace, enabling all Microsoft customers to effortlessly implement Meltwater solutions while leveraging the dependable Azure cloud platform and the company’s profound data insights. Additionally, Meltwater intends to join the Microsoft ISV Co-Sell Partner Programme.

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