Wowzer AI is ecstatic to declare the official debut of its revolutionary, all-in-one platform, which is intended to transform the process of content creation for individuals who are creative pros as well as enthusiasts.

Wowzer is a highly comprehensive and user-friendly solution that offers access to state-of-the-art AI models, state-of-the-art model training, and timely support; additional sophisticated features are on the horizon. Through the seamless integration of cutting-edge technologies, Wowzer enables users to materialise their imaginative visions with an unprecedented degree of efficiency and ease.

The multi-model image generator offered by Wowzer enables users to generate images simultaneously using a range of AI models, such as SDXL, Dall-E, Getty AI, and others. This feature delivers dynamic outcomes and a diverse selection of styles with a simple click. Wowzer is a platform that prioritises user-friendliness, accommodating experienced designers as well as novices, in order to ensure that the creative process is pleasant and beneficial for all.

The platform not only grants users single sign-on access to the most widely utilised and secure AI image models globally, but also provides a Prompt Enhancer that eliminates the need for speculation when composing image prompts. By employing prompt engineering principles to recommend language, the Prompt Enhancer guarantees that users obtain the precise image they desire.

Moreover, Wowzer implements an open and uncomplicated pricing structure, known as Wowzer Studio, which grants users access to AI image generation with no cost and requires a pay-as-you-go membership to access further features and images. Wowzer Studio features a prompt enhancer, a multi-model platform, and monthly free credits. By participating in contests, sharing their own generated images, and interacting with the Wowzer community of artists, users can also earn credits.

Supplementary AI models, input images, upscaling capabilities, advanced image controls, and plug-ins for seamless integration with widely used applications such as Canva and Photoshop are among the forthcoming features.

Wowzer provides GenAI Model Training for enterprises, enabling the development of bespoke LLMs and image models protected by enterprise-grade protocols. GenAI Model Training is specifically tailored for organisations seeking to enhance their customer communications and brand consistency while also enabling a wider range of non-creative staff members to contribute on-brand efforts.

Peter Jackson, the chief executive officer of Wowzer AI, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “The current state of AI is both exciting and ripe with potential, but it can also be perplexing and terrifying at times. Our objective is to render AI image generation more user-friendly and less daunting, all the while leveraging the most recent developments. The potential impact of Wowzer on the perception and application of generative AI is substantial.

Wowzer formed a partnership with Stability AI, the preeminent open source generative AI company globally, in anticipation of its launch. “We are ecstatic to see Wowzer revolutionise the manner in which organisations engage with Stability AI’s state-of-the-art models,” said Scott Trowbridge, vice president of business development for Stability AI. “Their prompt enhancer is a revolutionary innovation that streamlines the prompting procedure and empowers users to attain exceptional results without requiring profound proficiency in AI prompting.” The contributions made by Wowzer AI, which are supported by Stability AI, play a vital role in democratising the usability and accessibility of AI technology.

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