Thirteen years of experience in the sector to drive new projects related to customer service and success

Chantele Gibson, a long-time employee of Searchspring who has been with the company for thirteen years, has been promoted from the position of Senior Vice President of Partnerships to the Chief Customer Officer. Searchspring is the global leader in ecommerce site search, product merchandising, and ecommerce personalisation. In addition, the company has made further major leadership investments in the customer operations teams in order to contribute to the company’s ongoing growth and to ensure that our customers receive excellent service.

As part of her new responsibilities, Gibson will guide Searchspring’s efforts to improve the overall quality of the customer experience throughout the entire organisation. Gibson has extensive expertise in understanding the difficulties and possibilities that merchants seek to Searchspring to solve because he has overseen numerous divisions at Searchspring for a number of years, including Partnerships, Marketing, and Sales. In light of this, as well as the fact that she has demonstrated the ability to develop long-lasting partnerships with strategic partners, Gibson is in a strong position to direct the activities of the firm that are centred on the customer into the years that are to come.

Alex Kombos, Chief Executive Officer at Searchspring, expressed his excitement over the promotion of Chantele to the position of Chief Customer Officer when the announcement was made. As a result of her demonstrated track record and her enthusiasm for ensuring the success of our customers, she is the appropriate leader to support our dedication to providing excellent service.

The statement was made by Gibson, who stated, “I am pleased to step into this role and embark on this adventure, where every interaction is an opportunity to delight, every challenge is an outlet for innovation, and every customer is a valued partner in our drive for industry-leading service.”

In addition to Gibson’s elevation, Searchspring is thrilled to announce the hiring of three new heads of departments that interact directly with customers. These new heads are Arit Nsemo, Senior Director of Customer Success; Braxton Clement, Senior Director of Implementations; and Phil Thompson, Senior Director of Customer Support. Together, they have more than thirty years of experience working in customer service roles for firms such as PowerReviews, Pressable, and SecureLink.

By scheduling these visits, Searchspring demonstrates its dedication to providing its valued customers with unrivalled service and support on a constant basis, so guaranteeing that their requirements are not only satisfied but also exceeded at each and every engagement.

“It is crucial that we invest in our customers and make sure that they have the greatest possible experience with our products and services,” said Kombos. “As we continue to develop and evolve, it is essential that we also invest in our consumers.” There is no doubt in our minds that Chantele, Arit, Braxton, and Phil will lead their respective teams with the utmost dedication and excellence. These investments demonstrate our dedication to providing our customers with an unrivalled level of value and to ensure their success.

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