By integrating digital shelf analytics and purchase enablement solutions, a cohesive brand experience is established throughout the entire website, and the most astute ecommerce data available is delivered.

PriceSpider, the market leader in brand commerce enablement solutions and the company that oversees the most retailer relationships in the most countries, unveiled Brand Monitor, its digital shelf analytics solution, as the next generation. The revisions encompass novel self-service functionalities, an improved price monitoring section, streamlined, exclusive data acquisition at a large scale, and “auto-healing” capabilities powered by artificial intelligence—all of which distinguish Brand Monitor as an exceptional solution that furnishes practical insights while integrating effortlessly with PriceSpider’s comprehensive brand commerce platform.

Brand Monitor, which experienced a 43% surge in customer growth in the previous year, emulates the perusing behavior of consumers by providing the most precise and pertinent commerce data accessible on the market and assessing product detail pages in the same manner as a consumer. The software distinguishes itself by identifying critical areas that require enhancement by means of visual evidence in the form of photographs and hyperlinks to inaccuracies, such as violations of the minimum advertised price (MAP) policy and unauthorized sellers. This enables brands and their selling partners to maximize the buyer journey in accordance with the navigation patterns of shoppers on product detail pages.Brand Monitor empowers brands to make granular and timely decisions by providing market-leading data on MAP monitoring, content, pricing, stock availability, ratings and reviews, questions and answers, and share of search.

The newly added features consist of the following: 

  • Brand Monitor Self-Service: To ensure that marketing expenditures and customer experience (CX) are consistently optimized, brands can add, modify, and remove products in real time.
  • New Module for Price Monitoring: By incorporating visually appealing visualizations and a more refined, streamlined user interface (UI), information is effectively communicated and readily executable, enabling brands to empower consumers with well-informed choices that stimulate purchases.
  • Capturing Optimised, Proprietary Data at Scale: In order to integrate data across all solutions, including Where To Buy, Prowl, and Brand Monitor, PriceSpider has unified its internal databases. Customers can now exchange information throughout the purchase process with unparalleled levels of precision and freshness. 

Moreover, PriceSpider recently integrated AI-driven self-healing into Brand Monitor to augment its state-of-the-art crawling technology. PriceSpider’s crawling technology has analyzed thousands of ecommerce sites for the past two decades, providing brands with actionable insights that enable them to enhance the consumer experience. In the present era, AI enables auto-healing to be activated in response to the detection of a missing element during a crawl. 

Anthony Ferry, CEO of PriceSpider, stated, “As the leader in brand commerce, we are always thrilled to introduce updates that we know will change the game for our brand partners.” 

Customers of Brand Monitor may anticipate that in the next months, updates will be made to all of the Brand Monitor modules, as well as the addition of data-sharing APIs and capabilities that will enable brands to make decisions that are even more informed based on data.

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