Synup, which earlier this year completed the momentous acquisition of Clientjoy, now declares the procurement of OptimoRank, which will serve to reinforce the platform’s position as an industry leader in local marketing software.

Synup, an industry leader in local marketing software, has made a noteworthy advancement in the field of local search engine optimization (SEO) by declaring its acquisition of OptimoRank, a preeminent provider of sophisticated grid ranking technology. This calculated manoeuvre holds the potential to greatly enhance Synup’s products and services, providing customers seeking to increase their local prominence and search engine rankings with exceptional value.

Grid ranking technology is a cutting-edge solution in the field of local SEO, providing an enhanced and all-encompassing evaluation of search engine rankings in various geographic regions. Synup enhances its service provision to businesses by incorporating OptimoRank’s sophisticated grid ranking solutions, which facilitate the management of local listings, the monitoring of rankings, and the enhancement of local visibility. This synergy guarantees that clients of Synup will acquire a competitive advantage in the local SEO battleground.

Strategically, the acquisition of OptimoRank signifies an expansion of the company’s local SEO capabilities. Ashwin Ramesh, Founder and CEO of Synup, stated, “This acquisition demonstrates our dedication to providing comprehensive local marketing solutions to our clients and agency partners.” “The grid ranking technology of OptimoRank is an ideal complement to our current offerings.” Our comprehensive approach to local SEO addresses a significant void in the market, and we eagerly anticipate introducing our customers to its full capabilities.”

Martin Krivosija, founder of OptimoRank, commented on the acquisition: “Ashwin had an early understanding of our product and mission. As someone who collaborated with him on this procurement, I am ecstatic to be transferring control to Synup. Synup has taken this product to an incredible place; I cannot wait to see where they take it next.”

Synup’s expansion signifies a moment of great anticipation in the industry of multi-location search. Established search platforms such as Google and Bing have historically posed challenges for multi-location enterprises seeking to efficiently oversee their online profiles and presence. Grid rank technology enables multi-location businesses to streamline the analytics process, thereby facilitating efficient tracking and monitoring of their search engine rankings across various locales.

CEO of Synup, Vinod Sankar, emphasized the acquisition’s forward-thinking nature. He stated, “The integration of OptimoRank’s technology into our array of tools demonstrates our commitment to excellence and innovation in local SEO.” “The prospects that this integration offers are tremendously stimulating, encompassing not only our product development but also the outcomes that our clientele will attain.”

In the previous year, Synup has emerged as a leader in the introduction of customer-focused new products, showcasing an unwavering dedication to local marketing excellence and innovation. Synup Social, a robust utility designed to manage social media, Synup SECURE, an application that improves digital security for local businesses, and the acquisition of Clientjoy earlier this year are all significant developments. 

Amid its ongoing expansion, Synup maintains its unwavering commitment to delivering comprehensive solutions for the administration of online presence. Local marketing platform of the highest caliber, the organization’s dedication to digital profile management and seamless integrations maintains its position at the forefront of its field. Synup is eager to conclude a prosperous first quarter, as it anticipates numerous noteworthy developments.

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