The company has reached the highest level in the Adobe ecosystem by utilizing Gen AI to provide solutions for e-commerce, content marketing, data insights, and customer journeys.

It was announced by Compass UOL Group that the e-commerce technology company Webjump and the digital agency Content Thread (C/T) will be merging businesses. Adobe Commerce and the Adobe Experience Cloud, both of which are operated under the Webjump brand, are the products of the collaboration between the firms, which will bring cutting-edge Gen AI innovation. During the time that the company is celebrating reaching the Platinum level in the Adobe Solution Partner Program, the news was made.

Companies who have achieved a minimum of four Adobe specializations, 100 certified professionals, and more than 20 projects that have been delivered and approved by Adobe are eligible for this designation. Out of the almost one thousand firms that are Adobe solution partners, only 66 companies around the world have achieved the Platinum level. These companies share elite skills and experience based on their technical expertise and the degree of satisfaction they provide to their customers.

Alexis Rockenbach, the Chief Executive Officer of Compass UOL Group, stated that “e-commerce is the norm.” Companies will be able to use the Adobe tools they are currently familiar with with the assistance of Webjump, which will let them to get from the promise of Gen AI to the reality of new customer experiences that seem natural more quickly than ever before.

Prior to the acquisition, Webjump was one of the Adobe partners who had the greatest number of digital e-commerce client deployments that were both personalized and scalable anywhere in the globe. Additionally, C/T has been a prominent partner for Adobe Experience Manager, providing clients all over the world with powerful digital content production and management services. The combination of the two businesses results in the formation of a formidable Adobe partner that is able to offer customers a comprehensive set of capabilities to address any issues that may arise in their business.

Ivan Bastos, the CEO of Webjump, stated that the primary objective is to build Webjump as a worldwide leader inside the Adobe ecosystem by utilizing artificial intelligence to address the needs of customers in a way that is both innovative and forceful. As an additional point of interest, he stated that “our new Platinum Partner certification reflects our high degree of Adobe devotion and competence.”

The transaction takes place at a time when e-commerce sales are breaking records and retailers across all industries are looking to Gen AI for assistance in delivering enhanced and more personalized online shopping experiences.

Companies may use Webjump’s Gen AI to evaluate existing website data and automate the construction of bespoke customer journeys. This will streamline design, coding, and content in order to adapt to growing trends in a timely manner. This is especially useful for businesses who are experiencing a boom in online sales.

A global expansion strategy was implemented by Compass UOL in 2021, which included the acquisition of Webjump and C/T. Avenue Code, Edgy, Invillia, Everymind, and Webjump are the companies that make up the Compass UOL Group. Together, these companies employ more than 6,000 people all around the world.

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