By means of an acquisition, Jasper penetrates the European market and becomes a member of the thriving AI community in Paris.

Stability AI and Jasper, one of the largest generative AI application providers globally, have reached an agreement for the acquisition of Clipdrop, an AI image creation and modification platform. The completion of this acquisition represents a substantial advancement in Jasper’s ability to provide enterprise marketing teams with the most comprehensive and multimodal copilot available.

Clipdrop is a global platform for the creation and modification of images, utilized by millions of creative designers and brands. Launched in 2020 by Cyril Diagne, Damien Henry, and Jonathan Blanchet, all of whom are former Google employees, Clipdrop empowers users to modify pre-existing images, generate fresh ones, and generate an extensive variety of variations in dimensions, intricacy, and aesthetics. This technology may inspire and facilitate the development of on-brand creative and the acceleration of advertising strategies for marketers and brand executives.

“Marketing is visual,” stated Jasper CEO Timothy Young. “The integration of Clipdrop into Jasper will further our objective of becoming the industry’s preeminent end-to-end marketing copilot, enabling enterprise marketing teams to operate across all necessary channels, formats, and functionalities.” “By utilizing such a sophisticated copilot, the organizations we cater to will be able to surpass basic AI inquiries and attain enhanced optimisation, more tailored marketing, and more informed automation throughout their complete strategy.”

The Clipdrop team will be joining Jasper as of right now, and they will continue to lead research and innovation on multimodality within Jasper from their base in Paris, which has become a hub of artificial intelligence innovation in Europe. Through the completion of this transaction, Jasper has expanded its presence in Europe and intends to continue investing there in terms of both the acquisition of customers and the acquisition of people. The company is excited to make a contribution to the thriving artificial intelligence ecosystem in Paris.

“For a considerable amount of time, Jasper has been a valuable partner, utilizing Stability AI models,” stated Emad Mostaque, the Chief Executive Officer of Stability AI. It gives us great pleasure to learn that Clipdrop has expanded their product line by forming a partnership with Jasper. We are going to continue our collaboration with Clipdrop on research, and we are going to deliver our innovative models to their platform.

According to Damien Henry, one of the co-founders of Clipdrop, “We are thrilled about what Clipdrop technology can achieve inside Jasper’s copilot for marketing teams.” There is a clear focus on developing the most effective multimodal platform for advertisers, and there are natural synergies that exist between the two organizations. There is no way we can wait to get started. Damien Henry will have a stronger leadership role in research and innovation for the overall Jasper product, in addition to guiding further development of AI-assisted image creation and editing. Also, he will be responsible for designing and developing new features.

On February 20, 2024, the acquisition of Clipdrop was successfully completed. It will be immediately accessible to business clients through the Jasper API, and over the course of time, the functionality will be more thoroughly included into the copilot. Clipdrop is still available for purchase by individuals as a standalone product through the website.

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