Ad Fontes Media, a technology company specializing in the evaluation of news sources for credibility and bias, is introducing a novel service that will enable advertisers to allocate billions of dollars in advertising budgets towards reputable news journalism. This will enable them to capitalize on the news category’s substantial unduplicated reach and increased return on assets (ROAS).

Ad Fontes Media announced the integration of its ratings data with the programmatic purchasing technology of online advertising behemoth The Trade Desk (Nasdaq: TTD) on Tuesday. With the data provided by Ad Fontes, advertisers are able to instantly exclude partisan, sensationalism, or AI-generated websites and redirect their advertising budgets to those that are conducting critical journalism in the public interest.

This information enables advertisers to effectively target interested audiences with high-quality news during an era when there is an unprecedented societal and consumer demand for dependable news.

According to Vanessa Otero, Founder and CEO of Ad Fontes Media, the disclosure of its data on The Trade Desk has the potential to catalyse a paradigm shift in the ongoing struggle to finance journalism. “Having always been a pioneer in digital advertising, The Trade Desk’s mission is to improve the open web for publishers and users.” “One of the pillars of improving the internet is making excellent journalism profitable for more publishers, and The Trade Desk is in a more powerful position than any other organisation to effect this change.”

Ad buyers can utilise a self-service, cloud-based platform from advertising technology company The Trade Desk to construct, manage, and optimise digital advertising campaigns across multiple channels and ad formats. Prominent data, inventory, and publisher partners are integrated to guarantee optimal reach and decision-making capabilities. By utilising Ad Fontes data integration, advertisers are able to selectively target journalism publishers that are regarded as the most dependable and least biassed on a local, national, and international scale.

As a result of the proliferation of low-quality internet content and brand safety concerns over the past decade, it has been difficult for brands to identify high-quality journalism and conduct business on it at the scale and velocity of programmatic media. Despite the fact that high-ROAS are consistently generated by high-quality news content, brands now have the ability to bypass news and advertise elsewhere with greater ease.

The Trade Desk’s integration with Ad Fontes effortlessly harmonises the business opportunity presented by news advertising with the social imperative.

“With over three decades of experience as a media buyer, I can attest that the most valuable audiences are those that consume news,” said Ad Fontes Media’s chief strategy officer, Lou Paskalis. “Over the past eight to ten years, this category has been under-invested due to myopic reasoning and excessive corrections regarding brand safety and news applicability; therefore, there is still untapped potential there at this time.”

Ad Fontes Media is the first new data provider to develop a direct integration on the partner portal of the new Kokai platform via The Trade Desk’s new contextual API. Through The Trade Desk’s user interface, users can select segments for dependable and minimally biassed news inventory at the domain, app, and article levels. Ad Fontes, a company that employs a human/AI blended ratings technology to assess published internet news content in near-real time, enables advertisers to precisely target news content. 

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