Quantiphi and Snowflake are collaborating on a significant scale with one another in order to fuel the mission of ongoing growth in 2023. This will be accomplished by enabling enterprises to mobilize data in a seamless manner, executing a variety of analytic workloads, and expediting data-driven decision-making. This will allow for the transformation of data within organizations.

Quantiphi, a digital engineering company that prioritizes AI, has attained Elite tier partner status with Snowflake, the Data Cloud company. As an Elite-tier partner, Quantiphi can expedite the digital transformation of its joint customers, who can fully leverage the Snowflake Data Cloud’s performance, flexibility, and nearly infinite scalability.

In recent years, Quantiphi has expanded its Snowflake operations globally, increased customer adoption, and introduced Snowflake Data Cloud developments and innovations that enable customers to maximize and mobilize their data. As an Elite partner, Quantiphi will continue to develop momentum and expand its Snowflake offerings, specifically through the use of Snowpark, Snowflake’s libraries and runtimes for securely deploying and processing non-SQL code, such as Python. The partnership between Quantiphi and Snowflake, as well as the company’s expertise in Snowpark, will enable clients to derive greater value from their data investments by leveraging Machine Learning and AI to drive tangible business outcomes.

Quantiphi’s Global Head of Financial Services and Insurance and Executive Sponsor for the Snowflake Alliance, Bhaskar Kalita, is ecstatic to have been named an Elite partner of Snowflake. This upgrade demonstrates the unwavering commitment to assisting clients in harnessing the power of Snowflake’s innovative technology. As an Elite partner, Quantiphi continues to work closely with Snowflake to investigate new opportunities, provide comprehensive support, and remain at the forefront of the ever-changing data landscape.

The team is committed to delivering exceptional results and advancing the success of clients by leveraging the knowledge of the Snowflake Data Cloud and Snowpark’s capabilities. The leader of Quantiphi’s Snowflake alliance, Pronoy Roy, is particularly ecstatic about the integration of Snowpark because it enables clients to accelerate AI-powered innovation and obtain valuable insights from their data.

The Snowflake alliance of Quantiphi is supported by over 115 certified SnowPro Core, Advanced Architect, and Snowflake Sales professionals. The large pool of certified Snowflake experts has collaborated with the Snowflake team to help customers thrive in a data-intensive, highly regulated, and competitive environment on over ten wins in the last six months. Last year, Quantiphi was also present at the largest data cloud event – Snowflake Summit in Las Vegas, and Snowflake’s Data Cloud World Tour in Mumbai, Bangalore, and Delhi – to meet with enterprise customers and assist them in discovering new methods to tackle the most important data initiatives.

The relationship between Snowflake and Quantiphi has been critical in assisting shared customers in realizing the full potential of the technology. The Director of Partnerships for Snowflake India, Dhiraj Narang, sent his congratulations to Quantiphi on the company’s achievement of Elite partnership status.According to Narang, “We are excited to leverage their extensive expertise in AI/ML, data engineering, and analytics to drive creativity and added value for our customers.”

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