This comes on the heels of the company’s recent launch of AI@Work, which featured a big update to its Enterprise Automation platform in the form of the addition of Generative AI. This made it possible for anybody working within an organization to build integrations and automations that adhered to security and governance standards.

Workato, the industry-leading platform for enterprise automation, has announced a partnership with OpenAI, an organization dedicated to the development and application of artificial intelligence. The goal of this cooperation is to bring numerous of OpenAI’s AI models and future releases to Workato’s safe, low-code, no-code platform. Based on the individual use cases of its customers, Workato will decide which models are appropriate to integrate into its platform and make that determination.

Workato’s patented AI and ML models (RecipeIQ) currently help users develop superior automations and integrations in a more expedient manner. These models provide data mapping, reasoning, and recommendations for the next stage in the process. Workato is providing the potential of generative artificial intelligence to its customers by partnering with OpenAI and leveraging existing models. This will further simplify the efforts required to create automations and integrations, which will enable everyone to transform their job. IT and business teams will have the confidence they need to work together and improve business efficiency at scale when they have access to full security and governance capabilities.

AI can offer enterprises productivity, efficiencies, and innovations that are limited only by their adoption of the technology. Workato’s AI@Work brings the power of AI, Automation, and Integration capabilities into a single platform to enable enterprises to rapidly deploy AI at scale, according to Workato co-founder and Chief Product Officer Gautham Viswanathan. Customers of Workato will be able to accelerate their automation efforts and create intelligent products and services with simplicity using OpenAI’s advanced AI technology.

With AI@Work, Workato approaches AI in the same manner as automation and integration, ensuring that every member of an organization, regardless of skill level, has access to the necessary tools and feels empowered to build. Among the upcoming AI-powered connectors and copilots that will be powered by the partnership with OpenAI are the following:

  • Workato Copilot is utilized for integrations, automations, and app connectors

Brings the power of generative AI to enable everyone in your organization to convert natural language prompts into effective Workato recipes for automating business processes or developing app connectors.

  • Work AI Connect

Utilize the strength of artificial intelligence in automations to offer new products and services for intelligent customization, improved customer support, content generation and curation, and countless other applications.

  • WorkbotGPT

WorkbotGPT does not require sophisticated coding or technical knowledge. Utilizing the power of natural language descriptions, users can communicate their automation requirements directly in their preferred collaboration platforms, such as Slack and Microsoft Teams. By leveraging Workbot’s capabilities, users can interact conversationally with enterprise applications and data, creating integrations and automating operations with ease.

Workato’s AI@Work is enabled by LLMs and trained with data from Workato’s vast public community of automations, integrations, APIs, and connectors.

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