A novel product or service improves cross-platform signal validation in an effort to address industry-wide issues pertaining to erroneous frequency and reach assessments. Comcast Cable’s advertising division, Comcast Advertising, has introduced the Signal Authentication Service.

The primary objective of this emerging industry solution is to furnish measurement platforms and companies with a dependable identity signal that can be applied to various privacy-forward scenarios. These scenarios include attribution measurement, cross-device frequency optimization, and impression householding for precise reach and frequency assessment.

The new service enables partners to provide attribution data, web analytics, or ad logs and receive confirmation that the exposed ads or events were delivered to an authenticated residential household, thereby ensuring precise measurement. This is made possible through the utilization of Blockgraph technology.

With the introduction of this novel service, Comcast Advertising presents a market-unprecedented level and standard of precision in linear and streaming TV measurement that can be applied to millions of households.

IP addresses and other identifiers are presently utilized by measurement and platform companies to link campaign events across platforms in order to quantify and de-duplicate exposures for the purpose of aggregated performance reporting. These reports are unreliable when derived from probabilistic device graphs due to the frequent rotation of IP addresses.

A recent study found that IP addresses undergo an average daily rotation rate of 1%. This rate accumulates to over 15% over the course of a typical campaign, which can have adverse effects on reach and frequency reporting, as well as introduce substantial inaccuracies when attempting to attribute household ad exposures to specific attribution events.

Larry Allen, VP & GM, Data & Addressable Enablement, Comcast Advertising, stated, “The escalating level of signal loss further illustrates how the imprecision of contemporary media reporting significantly hinders advertisers’ capacity to ascertain which segments of their media are truly delivering value.” “With the aid of this new service, our advertiser clients will have the ability to precisely target and engage their audiences, while also evaluating the effectiveness of their campaigns across subscription and linear platforms.”

Due to the presence of unreliable impression counting and reach underreporting in programmatic advertising, purchasers have encountered significant challenges in accurately assessing campaign performance and comprehending the efficacy and worth of media. With the help of Comcast Advertising’s new service, advertisers will be able to gauge the efficacy of budget allocation in order to reach valuable audiences and generate tangible business outcomes by gaining a deeper understanding of on-target reach and frequency evaluation.

“Current ID graphs, particularly those that rely on IP addresses, appear to be of varying quality, according to recent investigations,” said Jon Watts, Managing Director of CIMM, a non-partisan coalition dedicated to fostering innovations, best practices, and enhancements in measurement, metrics, and data usage throughout the media and advertising ecosystem. 

Dynata, in close collaboration with the Signal Authentication service of Comcast Advertising, provides CTV campaigns with an unprecedented degree of accuracy, according to Becky Harris, vice president of measurement and data solutions at Dynata.

Signal Authentication Service Launched by Comcast Advertising

“Active insights that are directly correlated with verified ad exposures are provided to our clients via brand lift surveys.” They can optimize the effectiveness of their media investments and attain superior results by implementing a data-driven strategy.

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