Sunny Madra, CEO and co-founder of Definitive Intelligence, will head a new GroqCloud business unit and introduce a new developer playground.

Groq, a provider of generative AI solutions, has completed the acquisition of Definitive Intelligence, an organization that empowers businesses to attain actionable insights and revolutionizes the way in which data is utilized – all through the use of AI. Sunny Madra, co-founder and chief executive officer of Definitive Intelligence, will oversee the new GroqCloud business unit.

Leveraging his experience serving enterprise clients, Madra will substantially extend GroqLPU Inference Engine accessibility via GroqCloud. Groq and Definitive Intelligence have already collaborated closely on the development of GroqCloud, a new developer playground featuring self-service access, code samples, and fully incorporated documentation.

Groq Founder and CEO Jonathan Ross stated, “At Groq, we are committed to creating an AI economy that is accessible and affordable for anyone with a brilliant concept.” “We are delighted to have Sunny and his staff from Definitive Intelligence assist us in accomplishing this objective. Sunny, a prolific entrepreneur and authority on the most recent advancements in artificial intelligence, amasses a weekly audience of hundreds of thousands of listeners on his podcast, where he discusses such developments. In addition to their deep understanding of AI solutions and go-to-market strategies, the Definitive team has a demonstrated commitment to knowledge sharing within the industry. They possess the ideal qualifications to oversee our GroqCloud division. Collectively, we shall enable developers to expedite the development of artificial intelligence by leveraging GroqCloud services.”

Through the utilization of the self-service playground, GroqCloud makes it possible for clients to gain access to the Groq LPU Inference Engine. Additionally, it assists in the release of innovative generative artificial intelligence applications that make use of the unprecedented speed that Groq offers. Since the first introduction of GroqCloud on February 19, there have been 10,000 developers that have been actively utilizing the Groq API continuously. Beginning with the increase of capacity, the enhancement of efficiency, the formation of partnerships, and the development of developer platforms, Madra and the GroqCloud team will focus on these objectives.

“The importance of rapid inference to generative AI is only now being recognized globally,” Madra explained. Groq provides the necessary characteristics of speed, low latency, and efficiency for developers to effectively implement the potential of generative AI. Since our initial encounter in 2016, I have harbored a profound admiration for Groq. I am ecstatic to be contributing to the Groq team’s endeavor to develop the world’s most rapid inference engine.

Groq Systems, which will strive for innovation and cater to the needs of the public sector and clients seeking Groq hardware for AI compute centers, has been established in conjunction with the GroqCloud business entity, thanks to the engineering resources contributed by Definitive Intelligence.

“While the legacy providers and other major names in AI continue to attempt to create a chip that can compete with our LPU,” Ross continued, “separating GroqCloud and Groq Systems into two business units will enable Groq to continue innovating at a rapid rate, accelerate inference, and lead the AI chip race.”

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