E-commerce advertising in Asia is undergoing a revolution thanks to the use of localized solutions and expert collaborations.

Quartile, the largest retail media optimization platform in the world, has made an announcement on its strategic expansion into Asian markets. This expansion is highlighted by the globalization of its portal as well as crucial partnerships with regional reseller suppliers.

In addition to English, the Quartile portal, which is well-known for the artificial intelligence-driven campaign management capabilities it offers, is now available in Japanese and Mandarin Chinese versions. Users are now able to switch between languages without experiencing any pauses, and there are plans to extend translation to reporting features by the spring of 2024. This upgrade makes it feasible for users to shift between languages. This initiative is one of the components that Quartile has included as part of its larger commitment to extending its footprint in markets located outside of the United States. 

The unique collaboration that Quartile has formed with Legoliss Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Mitsui, is what marks the company’s entry into the Japanese market. Through this partnership, Quartile’s cutting-edge technology is made available to Japanese agencies, brands, and sellers, thereby capitalizing on Legoliss’s extensive market knowledge and relationships. E-commerce advertising in Japan is about to undergo a transformation as a result of the synergy between Quartile’s artificial intelligence optimization and Legoliss’s local experience.

Within the Chinese market, Quartile has formed a partnership with LTMATE Technology Co., Ltd., a company that offers comprehensive services for cross-border business. The broad network and knowledge in creating overseas brands that LTMATE possesses are extremely helpful in bringing Quartile’s solutions to the Chinese market. This helps to facilitate the expansion of the brand as well as the success of cross-border e-commerce projects.

Quartile has formed a partnership with Escape Velocity Digital Pvt. Ltd., a digital media technology services firm that has a significant presence in the Indian market. This partnership marks Quartile’s expansion of its reach in India. The purpose of this agreement is to improve the outcomes of advertising and media decision-making for Indian customers by using the experience that Escape Velocity has in the field of media technology and the unique solutions that Quartile offers.

The founder and chief executive officer of Quartile, Daniel Knijnik, stated that the company’s growth into Asian markets is a critical milestone in the company’s path. “We are of the opinion that the future of advertising for online commerce lies in recognizing and satisfying the requirements of local communities. We are not only expanding into new regions, but we are also redefining the way in which brands connect with retail channels across Asia and beyond. This is being accomplished through our partnerships with highly regarded resellers such as Legoliss, LTMATE, and Escape Velocity.

As a result of Quartile’s development into Asia and the globalization of its portal, a new era of e-commerce advertising in the region has begun. Through the adoption of regional languages and the formation of key alliances, Quartile is poised to provide sellers and brands with insights and optimization capabilities that are unmatched in the industry.

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