OptimEyes, a platform for AI/ML-powered risk modeling, employs a novel approach to address the critical security requirements of businesses.

The on-demand SaaS solution OptimEyes.ai, which focuses on cybersecurity, data privacy, and compliance risk modeling, is committed to resolving risk management challenges and transitioning away from an obsolete governance approach. ROAR stands for Risk, Orchestration, Automation, and Response in OptimEyes.

Since this traditional governance approach was based on antiquated technology, it is incapable of effectively confronting the ever-changing risk landscape of today. OptimEyes can present multiple operational risk levels in a centralized and user-friendly manner. OptimEyes utilizes Integrated Risk Modeling and Decisions, which entails continuous risk assessment, risk quantification, and risk prioritization (including risk scenario planning and risk remediation). With these insights, administrators and their teams can make more informed business decisions and implement strategies to achieve their objectives and goals.

Many businesses are oblivious of the vulnerabilities that can be exploited by malicious individuals. Globally, the current industry lacks three million professionals who could occupy positions in demand. COVID-19 also played an important role in accelerating the global digital transformation of enterprises. While this transition has brought many benefits, the risks for new and existing businesses across multiple industries and geographies have never been greater.

By connecting tech teams with C-suite decision makers, organizations establish a single source of truth that enables them to comprehend the impact of risk on their company’s goals and objectives. On this basis, the organization will become more proactive in its decision-making and reduce its overall risk exposure. 

OptimEyes is the first AI-powered platform to generate industry-specific risk assessments that predict when and how a new hazard may emerge. These insights are generated from client data to provide a view of a company’s risk profile. OptimEyes aids clients in discovering, prioritizing, and optimizing their overall risk profile, regardless of whether the risk is operational, functional, or enterprise-level.

The company has an effective onboarding procedure for bringing on new clients. A few short weeks after receiving client data, deployment is completed. By completing this preparatory work and fine-tuning the industry-specific factory default settings, OptimEyes can rapidly configure the platform to reflect the client’s risk tolerance, revenue, and other unique characteristics. 

“Their guidance and expertise assisted me in bringing the business to its current state. In addition, it motivated me to continue refining OptimEyes’s offerings and hone a risk model for each client. But ultimately to develop shrink-wrapped functional risk models for specific use cases, such as supply chain, mergers, and acquisitions, etc.” says CEO and founder AJ Sarkar.

AJ relied heavily on Andrew Beagley in the early phases of OptimEyes. Andrew has extensive experience as a Chief Risk and Compliance Officer and recognized the need for the industry to evolve. He viewed AJ’s ambitious plan as a method for businesses and administrators to comprehend the impact of risk on their goals and objectives.

OptimEyes has worked with clients in a variety of industries and is seeking funding to expand. They wish to continue developing their offerings as a comprehensive service. Cybersecurity is one of their areas of expertise, but they intend to continue to expand their services with this investment. 

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