The combination of radically simplified setup and reimagined attendee experience empowers users to maximize webinar program impact and exemplifies the expanding opportunity for year-round audience engagement.

Cvent, an industry-leading provider of technology for meetings, events, and hospitality, announced the global introduction of their powerful Cvent Webinar platform at the Cvent CONNECT customer and industry conference.

Designed to empower users with a comprehensive and user-friendly platform, Cvent Webinar facilitates the connection between organizations and their audiences, increases customer and employee engagement, and maximizes the impact of their sales, marketing, and training efforts. Cvent Webinar is directly integrated into the Cvent platform, allowing Cvent customers to administer all of their events and webinars from a single location. With a single integrated event marketing and management system, organizations can better monitor attendee behavior and event performance across their entire event program by utilizing standardized registration, comprehensive attendee insights, and consistent feedback data.

Patrick Smith, Cvent’s chief marketing officer, stated that  At Cvent, they recognize the immense potential that webinars and virtual events hold for organizations seeking to expand their reach and engage online audiences. Cvent Webinar was designed to meet the requirements of the modern marketer, HR leader, sales representative, and other professionals, making it simple for roles across the organization to deliver impactful webinars with minimal effort. We’re ecstatic to provide a robust tool that enables users to create genuinely engaging online experiences.”

Notable features of Cvent Webinar include:

  • Extremely Simplified Installation

Cvent Webinar enables organizers to create a webinar in mere minutes, with no prior experience or specialization required. Cvent Webinar makes it simple to duplicate webinars, allowing organizations to easily scale their programs to accommodate webinar programs requiring multiple events within a brief period of time.

  • Production and Attendee Experience Redesign

Cvent Webinar is a highly configurable system that provides simple production tools and multiple presentation types, enabling organizers to deliver live, collaborative, or simultaneous viewing experiences of broadcast quality. Cvent Webinar also offers a comprehensive array of engagement features, such as Live polls, Q&A with up voting, audience reactions, interactive chat, and feedback surveys, to deliver a more engaging and impactful experience.

  • Pricing by Customer

Cvent Webinar offers numerous pricing tiers, including Free, Pro, and Premium service, guaranteeing that companies of any size and budget can benefit from a webinar solution of the highest caliber.

 Cvent Webinar’s Premium version offers unrestricted registrants and webinars, making it a cost-effective way to expand and scale your webinar program.

  • Directly Developed on the Cvent Platform

To host various event formats, such as in-person, virtual, hybrid, and webinars, organizations frequently rely on disparate technologies. This decentralized strategy produces fragmented attendee experiences and event data silos. Built directly into Cvent’s industry-leading event marketing and management platform, Cvent Webinar empowers users to administer their entire event program within a single system, enabling consistent execution and enterprise-wide visibility.

  • Integrating Sales and Marketing Technology Effortlessly

Cvent Webinar integrates seamlessly with industry-leading marketing platforms, CRM systems, and analytics tools, expediting the lead capture process and measuring the success of webinars and virtual events. This seamless integration enables organizations to prioritize qualified leads, cultivate prospects more effectively, and make data-driven decisions that drive growth, further demonstrating the value of event technology as an integral part of an organization’s MarTech stack.

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