The first-of-its-kind AI Lighthouse program assists clients in developing initiatives based on generative AI to transform their business operations.

ServiceNow and Accenture have announced the launch of AI Lighthouse, the first program of its kind to accelerate the development and adoption of enterprise generative AI capabilities.

AI Lighthouse will help clients across all industries not only design but also develop and implement novel generative AI use cases.

AI Lighthouse combines the ServiceNow enterprise automation platform and engine with AI supercomputing and software from NVIDIA and AI transformation services from Accenture. Customers will be able to collaborate as design partners in architecting custom generative AI large language models (LLMs) and applications to advance their enterprises using the comprehensive offering.

Bill McDermott, chairman and chief executive officer of ServiceNow, stated that this is a pivotal moment for businesses to revolutionize how work is performed. ServiceNow, NVIDIA, and Accenture are developing the market-leading blueprint for AI-first enterprise innovation in collaboration with their visionary partners. 

Jensen Huang, founder and CEO of NVIDIA, stated that industries are adding generative AI tools to their operations at a faster rate than in any previous technology transition. “NVIDIA, ServiceNow, and Accenture have collaborated to help customers lead their industries by implementing generative AI tools that leverage their own invaluable expertise to transform the applications they use every day.”

“Generative AI holds enormous potential for businesses. It can help them reinvent how they work, strengthen their services, differentiate themselves, and achieve new levels of performance,” said Accenture’s chair and chief executive officer, Julie Sweet. 

Enterprise clients will experience the potency of the AI Lighthouse program as a result of: 

Reducing tiresome manual work for customer service professionals and providing them with overviews and insights to solve problems more quickly, refusing cases by promoting self-service options, empowering individuals and delivering engaging experiences using natural human language.

Automatically generating content, such as intelligent search results, work notes, and knowledge base articles.

The AI Lighthouse program will collaborate with a select group of customers across IT service management (ITSM), customer service management (CSM), and employee experience to design, develop, and also implement new generative AI use cases.

NVIDIA AI software and accelerated computation provide the foundation for industry-wide deployments of generative AI. Using NeMo and NVIDIA frameworks, optimized inference engines, and APIs, businesses can add intelligence to generative AI applications like drug discovery, intelligent chatbots, search, and summarization.

This partnership will leverage the Accenture Center for Advanced AI, which has a strong emphasis on generative AI and large language models. Accenture will accelerate the design and development of domain-specific LLMs and generative AI capabilities within the ServiceNow platform to make functional and industry workflows more intelligent – from increasing agent productivity and impact with service history summarization and recommended actions to enhancing self-service quality and speed with AI-powered virtual agents. Accenture will leverage its infrastructure and IT service operations expertise across the cloud continuum, as well as its extensive experience in assisting clients across industries to leverage generative AI, to accelerate enterprise value.

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