The AI technology platform for MSPs optimizes optimized processes, reduces administrative costs, and grants access to enterprise-level technology to small and medium-sized MSPs.

Mercury has provided $5 million in seed financing to MSPbots (the “Company”), a prominent provider of MSP solutions that uses artificial intelligence to increase process efficiency and workforce adherence at MSPs. The new funding will be used to develop and expand MSPbots using newly emergent AI technologies such as LLM and RLHF, and to accelerate the team’s growth.

Daniel Wang, who had previously founded and operated a successful MSP business in the United States, founded MSPbots in Chicago. Wang embarked on a mission to solve the problem after experiencing the daily difficulties of managing a swiftly expanding employee workforce required to serve his customer base. Wang created a one-of-a-kind technology platform and introduced proactive intelligence solutions for automating tasks and optimizing team management based on his profound interest in artificial intelligence. This was the beginning of MSPbots, which, since its inception in 2019 and expansion, now serves over 1,400 MSPs worldwide.

MSPs rely heavily on human capital to maintain competitiveness. This complicates the development of consistent, replicable processes that are adhered to by the team, in addition to the difficulties associated with people management, according to Wang, founder and chief executive officer of MSPbots. Additionally, he stated that they enable MSPs to be more profitable by allowing them to scale without raising headcount and by providing hands-free employee training. MSPs are able to expand while providing consistent, high-quality service to their end consumers by leveraging data-driven automation.

MSPbots offers a suite of pre-built, customizable dashboards and RPA bots to automate administrative duties and reduce the need to hire additional staff. These proactive intelligence solutions include Business Intelligence (BI) dashboards that increase internal visibility throughout an organization, a digital workforce of 24/7 training bots that teach and correct Technicians in real-time, Next Ticket Manager that enables a consistent workflow and eliminates cherry picking, and Attendance Manager that improves billing utilization and provides visibility into workforce utilization. MSPbots makes it simpler for MSPs to conduct business and increases their gross service margins through platform adoption.

As larger companies and organizations begin to integrate AI technology across their platforms, small to midsize MSPs are falling further and further behind, according to Eddie Lou, a venture partner at Mercury Fund. MSPbots offers an innovative, accessible solution for MSPs that will decrease administrative burden and ultimately help them scale without the growing pains associated with inefficient process management or the need to retrain staff. 

“FusionTek’s primary objective is to provide our customers with superior technical service and solutions. MSPbots enables our team to focus on this objective by offering RPA and business intelligence solutions tailored to the MSP industry. These solutions have enabled our team to concentrate on increasing technical resources as opposed to scheduling and service delivery personnel. As our use of the MSPbots platform has increased, the concierge team’s assistance in developing custom reports and protocols to accommodate our unique business processes has been invaluable.”  MSPbots client FusionTek’s CEO, Brian Miller, stated.

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