Data modeling, collaboration, troubleshooting, and intra-firewall setup are some of the topics covered by the new features.

An announcement regarding the debut of a new version of DataSelf Corporation’s ETL+TM solution for the next generation was made today by DataSelf Corporation, the mid-market leader in Business Intelligence-based Reporting and Data Warehousing software. The news was made today. The new edition simplifies the process of configuring and customizing ETL+, which enables customers to more quickly adjust their reporting solution to the ever-changing requirements of their decision-making processes.

Cloud data modeling, collaboration, debugging, and support for an intra-firewall setup are the focal points of the new features.

By utilizing cloud data modeling, clients are able to add to or modify their reporting data model. This eliminates the need for clients to log in to either their data source (such as their ERP system) or to the DataSelf data warehouse, both of which are requirements that are inconvenient to comply with.

ETL+ is now able to log adjustments made by users, including who made the changes, what changes were made, and when those changes were made. This capability was made possible as a result of improvements made to collaboration. Because a new “multi-user mode” has been implemented, the real-time work done by users will not be accidentally overwritten by mistake. This is thanks to the new mode.

ETL+ now includes a brand-new component known as the “ETL Watchdog” as part of its troubleshooting capabilities. The Watchdog makes it possible to receive proactive notifications regarding jobs that did not complete as intended. In addition, the improved error handling that is included in ETL+ consists of an auto-adaption capability that was developed in order to explicitly address changes to the “data type” of a source database column.

The new version also supports the deployment of ETL+ within an intra-firewall environment (for both on-premises and private cloud deployments), making it compatible with both deployment models. This provides assistance for customers who absolutely need to have their data warehouse located entirely within the confines of their own firewall in order to maintain the highest level of organizational security possible.

Other upgrades include a speedier data extraction process, a better user experience, extended search capabilities, simplified installation and upgrade procedures, and refinements to the data extraction process for Acumatica, Oracle, and NetSuite;

According to Joni Girardi, who is both the founder and CEO of DataSelf When it comes to data in this day and age, the only thing that is consistent is change. Data expands and changes throughout time, and a company’s reporting system needs to expand and change along with it. The process of customizing and maintaining the system should be streamlined and straightforward, and that’s exactly what this release offers. We want our users to concentrate on the business difficulties that can be solved only by reporting that is based on business intelligence. Because our brand-new ETL+ takes care of many of the mechanical aspects of data collection, our users are now able to make decisions about their companies that are both quicker and better informed.

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