Tiger Pistol, the most advanced collaborative advertising platform, has collaborated with Yext, the best digital experience platform, to provide customers with the ability to create digital experiences across any channel and centrally manage local listing data. This integration not only reaffirms Tiger Pistol’s dedication to selecting partners who are at the top in their field, but it also makes previously unattainable capabilities available for local advertising.

With the connection, customers are able to harness their own data to supercharge their social advertising programs. This is accomplished by integrating their Yext listings data in a seamless manner so that local partner Facebook Business Pages can be immediately onboarded and connected. Additionally, clients are able to categorize, target, and create ads at scale. Enhancements to our integration have made it possible for businesses to employ and harness local listings data with an additional degree of granularity, personalisation, and constant correctness. This is despite the fact that the companies have maintained a cooperation for more than five years. This puts an end to one of the most frustrating issues that the sector has faced.

According to Sarah Cucchiara, who serves as vice president of business development at Tiger Pistol, the alliance between these two companies signifies more than just the combination of technology. In addition to that, it embodies the ethos of the organization. “We believe in connecting with best-in-class companies such as Yext, to enable our clients to unlock the full potential of their MarTech stack and establish the gold standard in local social advertising.” Yext is a company that “we believe in aligning with.”

The combination of Yext and Tiger Pistol creates a center for accuracy and creativity in their respective fields. Clients may have peace of mind knowing that every campaign is predicated on unsurpassed location precision thanks to the combination of the trustworthy listings data provided by Yext and the social advertising automation provided by Tiger Pistol.

This alignment also allows for the highest possible level of efficiency. Within the Tiger Pistol ecosystem, businesses now have the ability to run regionally optimized ads in a matter of minutes, thereby optimizing their return on investment in enriched Yext location data.

The local store hours and addresses automatically localize the ad copy, giving customers information that is both straightforward and up to date. Integrating synchronization into marketing campaigns assures that no advertisement will mistakenly promote a business that has shut down. The platform that Tiger Pistol uses refreshes every important component. This ensures that social adverts will start with the most recent information.

However, the Tiger Pistol and Yext partnership is not just about providing information; it’s about driving actionable results. Each advertisement is carefully crafted with a compelling call-to-action, directing consumers directly to the nearest partner location, thereby boosting sales and strengthening brand-consumer relationships.

According to Cucchiara, the principle of data empowerment serves as the foundation of Tiger Pistol integration with Yext. Brands are no longer content to act as passive consumers of static datasets; rather, they can actively use their unique data to add a layer of customization and relevance to their advertising campaigns that speak directly to local audiences.

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