Observe the new features in action during a virtual fireside chat on October 4, 2023, at 9:00 a.m. PDT.

TheLoops AI, the leading predictive CX operations platform, announced today the addition of three robust generative AI (GenAI) capabilities to significantly enhance productivity and insights for customer experience teams across organizations of every size. AI Agent Copilot, AutoQA, and Customer Engagement Summaries, which are seamlessly integrated with TheLoops’ core platform, can deliver measurable results to teams within days of deployment.

Somyya Kapoor, CEO and Co-founder, stated that this is a historic moment in customer experience management where brands will see exponential gains in managing and understanding their customer experience. She mentioned that prediction and GenAI are delivering rapid efficiency and productivity to their clients, culminating in six-figure cost savings.

Enterprise businesses want to incorporate new GenAI technologies but are hesitant to implement multiple point solutions to address their CX challenges. It is due to this that her co-founder Ravi Bulusu and she have created an all-in-one platform with turnkey governance, where GenAI is not a distinct ‘add-on’ or option, but rather the final step.

Announcements made by GenAI features are: 

  • AI agent Copilot

TheLoops Copilot, formerly known as AI-Assisted Support, enhances the original solution by integrating the most advanced generative AI capabilities, such as case summarization, personalization based on contextual data, and prompt-chaining, and transforming them into modular components within agent workspaces in Zendesk, Intercom, Salesforce, Jira, and Servicenow. This integration not only reduces the time required to resolve complex issues, but also provides customized results for each individual customer.

  • AutoQA

AutoQA streamlines the Copilot experience and enables companies to instantaneously extract quantitative and qualitative signals from customer conversations across multiple channels and languages. Managers can immediately identify areas in which agents excel and areas in which training is required, thereby gaining real-time insights into procedural compliance, tone, and empathy.

  • Customer engagement summaries

TheLoops remains committed to providing predictive escalations, proactive backlog management, and actionable case insights. TheLoops has enhanced these capabilities with sophisticated summarization through the use of GenAI. Now, it is simple to summarize major incidents, allowing for quicker response times and more effective resolutions. In addition, GenAI summarizes knowledge gaps and product feature requests extracted from customer cases, thereby promoting continuous development and fostering innovation.

Multiple consumers are already utilizing these capabilities and expanding their use cases.

Director of Technical Success at Sauce Labs, Matt Dunn, has adopted AI Agent Copilot. “TheGenAI capabilities of TheLoops are already live; we implemented them in a matter of days. TheLoops AI is simple to deploy and utilize; our team is already observing measurable gains in agent productivity.”

Another customer, Genady Rashkovan, Vice President of Support at Tricentis, said that for the first time in his twenty-five years in Support, he was astounded to learn that they can obtain intelligent insights that help predict and prevent escalations, provide a unique perspective on agent performance and generate a Customer Health score based on case content, handling, and trends. 

TheLoops AI has revolutionized our operations, saving countless hours of manual analysis and allowing us to provide the best client service.”

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