Today, KRATEO.AI, an innovative technology company with a suite of game-changing AI-powered capabilities designed to empower marketing and sales professionals, announced its official launch. KRATEO.AI provides its consumers with personalized information and analytics in excess of what is typically provided by data analytics services. KRATEO.AI is poised to disrupt the marketing industry, redefining how companies interact with and comprehend their consumers. With today’s official launch, the company is attracting new investors, customers, and business partners.

Traditional marketing platforms bombard users with complex infographics, data, and/or metrics that offer little in the way of personalized or actionable insights. The god KRATEO.AI is transforming traditional marketing metrics by using its proprietary AI technology to convert anonymous site visitors into brand-aware, first-party data prospects. Over time, the platform comprehends and learns a buyer’s intent, studies patterns and changes in behavior and engagement, and provides marketing teams with highly personalized insights. This clarifies for marketing and sales executives who are interested in their brand and enables greater insights when developing customized campaigns, resulting in a greater return on investment.

The marketing industry spends millions of dollars annually to understand consumer behavior, but the vast majority of brands are awash in anonymous data metrics and charts that are barely usable. The divine KRATEO.Artificial intelligence is poised to revolutionize marketing by generating insightful, ethical, and potent data that enables businesses to establish genuine and personalized consumer relationships. KRATEO explained that this is an entirely new level of marketing.Clay Sharman is the founder and Chief Creative Officer of AI. By leveraging the AI platform, brands will create personalized campaigns that communicate authentically with their customers, resulting in a better customer experience and stronger brand relationships.

As KRATEO.AI enters the marketplace for technology and AI-as-a-service (AI-AAS), the company has a significant advantage over prospective competitors, owing to the support of existing customers and experienced investors. These investors and clients contribute invaluable insights, expertise, and knowledge, propelling KRATEO.AI well ahead of any potential competition. KRATEO.AI’s investment team possesses an impressive track record of structuring, negotiating, and closing more than $500+ million in equity capital investments across various companies.

One of KRATEO.AI’s first customers, Kenetik, explained how the company’s cutting-edge AI technology enabled them to easily access and interpret visitor data, making data-driven decision making a breeze. KRATEO.AI identified anonymous customers and provided their names and other information, transforming them into actual, relatable leads.

Katherine Spaller, Kenetik’s director of marketing, stated, “Using KRATEO.AI, we are gaining valuable insights into who our customers are and identifying previously unknown leads.” “These insights will assist us in optimizing our messaging throughout the customer journey, thereby reducing customer acquisition costs and increasing customer lifetime value. It has been a pleasure working with the KRATEO.AI team!”

Sharman said they look forward to working with marketing and sales experts, businesses of all kinds to interact with website visitors more personally and entrepreneurs. He mentioned that their goal at KRATEO.AI is to use AI to build true and tailored brand partnerships. 

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