Tome, the AI-powered platform for shaping and sharing ideas, has hired two key machine learning leaders: Sachs, the former director of natural language processing and generative AI at Robinhood, and Archana Sankaranarayanan, the former engineering leader at Google and Netflix.

Sachs and Sankar will command Tome’s expanding ML and engineering teams as the company accelerates the development of its AI-powered communication platform, which is relied upon by over 10 million users worldwide. The leaders join a world-class artificial intelligence team that includes some of Silicon Valley’s leading machine learning engineers, such as Ves Stoyanov. Stoyanov, the head of AI at Tome, spent nearly a decade at Meta’s AI research division, where he oversaw the development of industry-standard pre-training and large language model methods, such as RoBERTa, XLM-R, and MultiRay.

Tome’s AI-native medium enables anyone to take an idea’s germ and develop it into a compelling, multimodal story using an intelligent, prompt-powered canvas. Tome is utilized by millions of professionals, including go-to-market teams and founders, as the quickest method to create and iterate on pitches, client and company updates, one-pagers, and more. Freelancers, creatives, government officials, students, and educators have also embraced Tome as a new method of sharing ideas.

Its innovative, user-friendly platform has captivated the interest of millions of Gen Z users around the globe, as well as a new generation of AI-fluent users who are rapidly adopting new, social-native, digital productivity applications. 

Sachs, who will lead Tome’s machine learning and infrastructure teams, previously oversaw natural language processing and generative AI at Robinhood, where she developed custom machine learning solutions to support scalable customer communications. Sachs was the first machine learning hire at Marissa Mayer’s Sunshine prior to joining Robinhood. Previously, she worked at Google on personalization and local search. 

Sachs will be in charge of machine learning and infrastructure at Tome, including its state-of-the-art model training and systems for enabling seamless, high-quality AI experiences for millions of professionals. Sachs will assist in making Tome more customized for teams and enterprises by optimizing its data layer, comprehending user intent, and integrating companies’ tech platforms for a more granular level of customization.

Sankar will supervise Tome’s product engineering organization, which focuses on developing core generative capabilities and natively integrating content from a variety of connected apps. Her team will investigate methods to use artificial intelligence to interactively translate the intent, ideas, and content of users into highly structured and polished narratives.

Sankar led engineering teams at Google, Netflix, and OpenSea prior to founding Tome. At Google, Sankar and her colleagues were instrumental in shaping a fundamental aspect of human-bot interactions, defining the tone, personality, and character of the Google Assistant, now known as Bard.

Sachs and Sankar have joined the company, while Tome has streamlined its AI-powered co-creation capabilities. To improve the quality and efficiency of co-creation, the company introduced its own refined models to power user experiences in October, beginning with multimodal page generation.

In 2020, chief executive officer Keith Peiris and chief product officer Henri Liriani founded Tome. Former Meta product executives incubated the company with Tome board member Reid Hoffman. To date, the company has raised $81 million from investors including Lightspeed Venture Partners, Coatue, and Greylock.

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