Opera One enables you to do significantly more with AI in less time and with fewer technical skills. The improved native browser AI, Aria, comes with a set of tools that enable you to easily refine your queries down to the sentence, Create content using a predefined set of prompts, and even train the browser’s artificial intelligence to write like you.

Effectively interacting with artificial intelligence is rapidly becoming an essential life skill. With this update to Opera One, the native browser AI, Aria, makes it easier and faster for users to find the results they seek, whether it is a piece of content they want to create or a question they need assistance with.

Here are some of the add ons to Aria: 

  • Refine the output of the browser AI without providing context.

“Reuse” and “Rephrase” are the two primary features of the new “Refiner” utility in Aria. Let us first define “Reuse”

To refine the responses you receive from a conventional AI chatbot, you must frequently retype the entire query’s context. What if, however, the AI could construct the ideal response by selecting elements from several of its previous responses? The “Reuse” feature permits exactly this. Simply select the portions of previous responses that you wish to utilize, then click “Reuse” to add them to the Aria input field. Once you have gathered all the necessary elements, you can enter a new prompt that will use those elements to generate a new response.

  • Rephrase a specific portion of the AI’s response

Suppose you are pleased with the blog post the AI generated, but you would like to make a minor adjustment. With most solutions, your only option is to request a complete regeneration. Aria is unique in that it allows you to rephrase a selected portion of its output. To do so, simply select the portion you wish to modify and click the “Rephrase” button. The new response will retain the majority of the previous one and will only modify the selected element.

  • Compose with ease

Generative AI can assist you in composing new content and being creative. With this update to Opera One, it is now easier than ever to be creative. Simply select the magical pen icon next to the input field to access the Aria Compose function.

  • Training Aria to write like you

You can further customize Aria with the “My Style” feature, which allows you to teach the browser’s artificial intelligence to write like you. It has never been simpler to compose lengthy texts in your own unique style, whether they are insightful reviews, eloquent emails, or stern complaints.

  • Opera’s AI-related innovations include the command line.

Opera One was the first browser to include an incorporated artificial intelligence, Aria. Since June 2023, Opera users can also interact with Aria via the command line (Ctrl+/ or cmd+/). Whenever they have a question, they can use the command line to pose it to Aria and either interact with the browser AI’s instantaneous response in the sidebar or return to browsing.  The browser AI provides free access to a premier GPT-based solution as well as current web information.

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