Marketing is seen as an effective tool for attracting clients and establishing a positive brand image. Marketing’s force and weight are unrivaled by any other process or strategy. On the other hand, marketing depends on how much the specialists have studied and researched everything.

Marketing has evolved significantly throughout the years. Previously, marketing was a lengthy process in which marketers had to wait a long time for results. However, marketing has advanced and yielded more results in recent years.

Role of the marketing mix

The factors that lead to successful product marketing and a strong brand image are known as the marketing mix. These elements are used to help any product or service flourish and get off to a decent start. The organizations typically use marketing tools to promote and sell their services and these also include a marketing mix.

People with a marketing background are familiar with the marketing mix and its components; previously, it consisted of four aspects known as the four Ps of marketing. Product, price, place, and promotion were the four Ps. However, these four Ps were amended a few years ago, and they were expanded to the 7 Ps with the addition of process, people, and physical evidence.

7Ps of Marketing


A physical product, a service, or an experience are all examples of products. The product or service will always be at the center of the strategy, influencing every component of the marketing mix, regardless of how a company positions itself as a brand.


The second P in the marketing mix is place. Place means where the product is going to be sold out. Businesses can sell in a variety of venues and manners. As a result, the term ‘place’ does not just relate to a physical location. It might entail selling through the web, catalogs, online networks, trade exhibitions, and, of course, physical storefronts. ‘Place’ refers to all of the distribution channels.


What is the price of the goods or services? Everyone should have a price, and if a company targets a certain demographic but gets the pricing model improper for this group of consumers, they will not be able to achieve the desired ROI.


Promotion is the process of increasing market recognition of a brand, product, or service by presenting a storyline to inspire customer interaction. Promotional methods are effective on several levels. They help to boost brand recognition, revenues, and profitability.

Physical evidence

Physical evidence entails more than simply documents. Physical proof does contain this vital feature, but it also includes the brand’s total presence. digital networks, the logo, the store’s ambiance, marketing materials, and the thank-you email sent after the purchase All of these aspects provide physical proof to the buyer.


Whoever is explicitly or implicitly associated with the business side of the organization is referred to as people in the marketing mix. That includes anybody engaged in delivering, creating, promoting, supervising teams, managing customers, acquiring, and training for a product or service.


Process refers to how a firm operates, how services are supplied, how products are packed, and how customers go through the sales pipeline, payment, shipments, and delivery, among other things. In essence, the process outlines the sequence of events or key elements associated with delivering a product or service to a consumer.

Final words

Marketers may build and design campaigns that assist them to get high-quality clients who can also be sustained by working and following the proper set of techniques. The 7Ps serve as a foundation for ensuring that the marketing process runs well and that goals are met.

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