A partnership between the industry-leading B2B software as a service (SaaS) and marketing technology business AppsFlyer was recently announced by the worldwide video game commerce startup Xsolla.

The gaming business is still led by mobile revenue, and Xsolla’s integration of AppsFlyer to their online Shop services delivers cross-platform measurement to help developers to obtain useful player insights, estimate webshop and marketing efficiency, and boost online sales channel performance. This is particularly important since mobile revenue continues to dominate the gaming industry. Because of this integration, game creators are able to gather and analyze user activity and interactions both on the web and within the game itself. They can then compare metrics and get useful insights, all of which is done using dashboards that are simple to use.

“This partnership with Xsolla promises to improve measurement accuracy, enable user segmentation, and foster a deeper understanding of customer flow, behavior, and engagement,” stated Brian Murphy, who is the Head of Gaming for AppsFlyer. This alliance will give marketers greater control over their monetization strategies, budgets, and campaign analytics. Both AppsFlyer and Xsolla have a genuine commitment to providing marketers with the greatest possible user experience and measurement capabilities.

One of the most notable aspects of this collaboration is that it not only gives users of AppsFlyer, which is primarily used for mobile analytics, the ability to track players’ data on the web, but it also aims to increase efficiency and provide better control over data for those who are attempting to optimize and understand their digital customer journey. This is a significant benefit for those businesses. In anticipation of subsequent integration processes, developers are able to construct cross-platform dashboards that allow users to compare metrics and glean useful insights. These efforts are being made as part of the objective that Xsolla and AppsFlyer have to aid mobile game creators by providing a unified cross-platform solution (PC, online, and app) that enables the measurement across all marketing touchpoints and makes it easier to analyze consumer journeys and activities. This mission is being carried out as a collaboration between the two companies.

AppsFlyer is a B2B measurement software as a service (SaaS) firm that enables brands to demonstrate the business effect of their marketing campaigns and to make more audacious decisions with higher levels of confidence by providing unbiased data and actionable insights. AppsFlyer is used by app developers and marketers to gain a deeper understanding of user behavior and improve the effectiveness of marketing efforts for their games.

According to Chris Hewish, CEO of Xsolla, this move represents a big step forward in the company’s continuous support of mobile game developers. The mobile sector continues to drive both revenue and growth in the global gaming industry. The integration of Xsolla’s Web Shop solution with AppsFlyer reveals a plethora of data-driven insights regarding player behavior and engagement, the efficiency of webshop and marketing, and the efficacy of web sales channels.

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