Is it mandatory for every B2B organization to integrate a marketing automation platform. It’s difficult to assume that most B2B marketing teams won’t find the strong motivation to automate at least part of their activities given the solution’s numerous use cases. Overall, the rising need for personalization is arguably the most convincing. Similar to consumers, B2B purchasers anticipate suppliers will deliver interactions that address their requirements and worries. At any size, it’s challenging to accomplish it without automation. The importance of personalization in B2B marketing is rising. According to a poll by Salesforce of B2B buyers and marketers, 69% of respondents expect businesses to anticipate their requirements, and 60% are okay with having sensitive data about them collected for the purpose of tailoring their experiences.

Benefits of  B2B automation

It is challenging to target prospects with the correct messages, on the right devices, at the right times due to the proliferation of channels and devices. A relevant message is more crucial than ever because of the quick change to all-online interactions brought on by the COVID outbreak, which significantly increased the degree of competition in the inbox.

More of the purchasing process is being handled by potential customers. Without ever speaking to a sales representative, they are using brand websites and social media to investigate potential providers and compile shortlists.

In order to be successful in this environment, marketers need to be imaginative, focused, and in line with sales objectives. They also need to have visibility into the traits and behaviors of their target audience. These main advantages of a MAP are more appealing than ever because of the difficult market circumstances and growing ROI pressure.

  • By automating time-consuming, manual processes related to lead nurturing, data cleanliness, campaign scheduling, and personalization, as well as content development, administration, and personalization, productivity is increased.
  • To create and recognize leads that are sales-qualified, marketing automation may be used in conjunction with a lead scoring system and several criteria. Modern MAPs incorporate several platforms and channels, like social media and mobile, to build more thorough prospect profiles and complete views of prospect activity.
  • To guarantee that sales representatives are interacting with prospects who are ready to buy, MAPs can assist synchronize marketing and sales activities. improved ROI and lead conversion. A marketing automation system has been shown in several studies to enhance outcomes.

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