Whenever it comes to B2B leads, what actually works?

In this blog, we will be breaking down the strategies that will help your businesses to generate high quality B2B leads in 2021. Before we jump into the main topic let’s get the basics cleared.

Generation of B2B leads has never been important, said no one ever. B2B leads generation looks easy but is one of the most complex procedures for the organizations. 

B2B essentials

If you have ever considered doing the B2B leads generation in the manual way, you already know it’s tough. It is similar to diving from the sky without the use of parachutes. When you start the process of B2B leads generation, you know you are going to face many intelligent buyers and a number of competitors who are doing the same tasks.

It is going to be really tough, if you go by the bookish knowledge and the actions mentioned in them. Today’s world is very dynamic as compared to the time when these books were trending. B2B leads are not a common thing and this puzzle cannot be solved with the same solution that has been applied to different places. It basically means that the idea that has worked out for others doesn’t really mean that it will also work out for your organization.

Everything needs to be tailored as per the functioning of your organization. And that’s where VLMS Global comes into picture. Our professional team has enlisted the following ways that you can appoint for generating B2B leads:

  1. Website Optimization

  2. Content Marketing

  3. Email Marketing

  4. Paid Advertising

  5. Social Media

Before we dive deeper into the B2B leads generation subject, lets clear some basics-

B2B is a shorter version for Business 2 Business. It means that all the business related activities are carried out between the two organizations. It runs parallel to the B2C wherein the goods and service are directly sold to the customer.

You would have heard about the phrase – ‘a journey of thousand miles begins with a single step’. In business, this step is B2B leads generation. This process basically means to collect the essential information that will help the seller organization to connect the prospective buyer organization.

Details such as name, email, company name, and job title helps in making personalized communication with the prospective businesses. This finally leads to sales of the products or services.

The main goal of the b2b leads generation is to deliver high intent leads to the sales team and the rest is taken care of by the sales people. The aforementioned details are churned out to be delivered to the sales team so that they can work through the sales pipeline to seal the deal.

Lead Generation


Lead Qualification


Sales Opportunity Conversion


Sales Closure

Best B2B leads generation strategies

Automating the lead generation process and email marketing campaigns

This will surely reduce the manual workload caused due to the heavy lists filled with different details of people from different demographics.

Creating referral campaigns that will result into email leads and the chain continues

The task of B2B leads generation can be made easy using the referral programs. This way, all the hard work is done by the existing customers but the fruitful results are enjoyed  by the businesses. When the entire process is automated, you will come to know that referral programs work wonders for the business’s growth.

Creating customer retention campaigns

Re-engaging with the existing leads is good for the smooth functioning of the business. The existing B2B leads are considered to be as good as the new ones. This will also help the sales team to understand how the leads lose their value between successive interactions.

Turning blogs into user-centric guides

We all know that it takes a lot of time to build content for the website. So, why couldn’t we use this as an investment tool. For example, all the blogs surrounding B2B leads generating activities can be converted into a bigger user guide.

Adding CTAs in blogs

It is good to generate user guides but it is even better to create email leads using the dynamic CTAs. This will help in converting the blog readers into email leads. This step is necessary to get details of the readers before they go back to the websites (or social media platforms) from which they came to the website.

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