Customers of Folloze now have access to Infinite Edge’s ABX Maturity Practice, enabling them to scale and produce more significant growth.

Infinite Edge Consulting (IEC), a leading marketing consulting firm, and Folloze, creator of the world’s first and only no-code B2B Buyer Experience Platform, have announced a strategic services partnership to help clients navigate successfully the journey to maximize their success with account-based marketing (ABM) and accelerate their pivot to an ABM-driven demand generation strategy. 

“Folloze is committed to transforming B2B marketing into the key growth driver by collaborating with their sales partners,” stated Etai Beck, CEO of Folloze. “Both our consumers and their marketers recognize the significance of acting quickly, engaging purchasers, and utilizing first-party data. To scale their organizations and achieve success in all types of market conditions, they are swiftly adopting a genuinely agile methodology, with technology as a key enabler.” 

The ABX Model Prescription

Marketers are expected to accelerate sales and generate more revenue with a smaller budget, which is a major reason why the B2B industry is rapidly shifting from traditional demand generation to account-based experience (ABX) models. A contemporary and efficient ABX model enables the entire organization to expand, not just the best accounts. By treating all prospective accounts and individual buyers within those accounts as individuals and members of its collective purchasing committee, marketers will begin to understand that the desired buying process is to conduct as much as possible digitally. 

Delivering the experience that modern buyers require will necessitate a transition in the overall operating model, strategy, and approach to technology and business processes. And while knowing what you must do is a good starting point, it is not the same as knowing how to do it so that you can have an immediate impact. Many marketing leaders with a background in traditional demand generation are unsure of how to implement this new mode of operation. They struggle to achieve true alignment with sales and are unsure how to bring the two teams together most effectively. In addition, the transition from traditional demand generation to a modern ABX model is a vast undertaking that requires extensive change management.

“We believe scaling ABX is the key to driving meaningful impact for B2B brands, and we have seen a significant increase in interest from marketing leaders across our industry,” said Mary Gilbert, Executive Founder of Infinite Edge Consulting and Chief Marketing Officer of Folloze. “Because of our work with Folloze, we’ve had the privilege of being on the inside of a number of these companies undergoing this transformation, and we’ve witnessed the challenges, as well as the astounding outcomes, that transitioning to this type of GTM model provides. We see a tremendous opportunity to drive rapid change, get the industry back on track, and assist CMOs in becoming the growth drivers they are destined to be. We’re fortunate to have Folloze as a partner, not only because of their technology that enables true agility and engagement, but also because of their passion and expertise in assisting top B2B brands to achieve genuine growth.”

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